MUCKRAKER:Voodoo reasoning  and witchcraft

MUCKRAKER:Voodoo reasoning and witchcraft

MUCKRAKER has always been baffled by people who plaster their cars with posters of so-called prophets.
Equally perplexing are men and women who wear wrist bangles with a so-called prophet’s name.
A friend whose mind has been stolen by one of the prophets tells Muckraker the posters and bangles have the power to protect him and his family.
The reasoning here is astoundingly sloppy and naïve, for if these prophets are so powerful they wouldn’t walk around with dozens of bodyguards.
But tell that to the zealots and they will fume as if you are questioning their parentage. When the debate gets hot they go into a trance of sorts and start accusing you of insulting a ‘man of God’.

They are a shrieking lot too. They raise their voices instead of their arguments.
Indeed it is futile to argue with a person high on dogma.
“You need deliverance,” a friend said to Muckraker after she had asked why all the so-called prophets in our midst look filthy rich when the real Prophets in the Bible were modest.

Daniel was in exile, Jeremiah was an ordinary person and Isaiah was a nonentity who initially rejected an assignment from God.
Now we have so-called prophets who claim to own businesses and private jets. They have not invented, invested or inherited anything. They don’t make or sell things. Their only claim to fame is that they claim to speak to God.
You would think they were playing morabaraba with the Almighty a few hours ago.
Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe, God spoke to me last night.

Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe, God is telling me your wealth will multiply.
Nyoe, nyoe, you have a spiritual husband.
This is your season.
Holy tosh!
Their gospel is the modern day witchcraft that has poisoned not only the gullible but also those who are supposed to be sophisticated.
Tell a man that you can see his future and he will prostrate at your feet and lick your shoes. It is in our nature to want to see what the future holds.
Yet Muckraker will not want to be overly judgmental on such impressionable souls.

It’s an adult choice to surrender a brain to some cults that suck your bank balances dry.
But what is worrying is a new trend that has emerged.
The so-called prophets are spreading their tentacles at an alarming speed and with shocking vim. Not content with infiltrating families they have now sneaked into businesses and institutions.

It’s not them who slither in but their zealots who push their brands with verve. In Lesotho they have stormed the government.

Muckraker was minding her own business while taking a stroll in the cyberspace when she stumbled upon an astounding story that staggered her.
There it was, in black and white, a gem of a story that shed harsh light on our mediocrity as a country.
The story from Nyasa Times, a Malawian newspaper, said a seven-men-strong delegation from the Lesotho government had visited Prophet Bushiri at his Pretoria office.

Leading the delegation was our very own Mokola. Muckraker thought she saw someone who looked like one of our senior lawyers in Maseru in the picture. The story itself looked like a planted PR piece just like almost all those that have something to do with all the men who claim to be prophets.
It seemed the reporter was not in the meeting but had been passed the details by someone from the Bushiri camp.
Yet he did not see anything scandalous with using direct quotations from Mokola. Muckraker kept murmuring a prayer, pleading with her Maker that the story be some mischievous Fake News.

But then it had all the pillars of a real story, including a confirmation from the Bushiri camp. They had to confirm the story because they were its source.  This was real. A whole government delegation from Lesotho had visited a so-called prophet. In the first paragraphs it didn’t look like a bizarre incident, for there is nothing dubious with people visiting each other.

Even the fact that they were visiting a man who claims to be a prophet did not trigger alarm bells because faith is a personal matter.
But as she read further Muckraker realised this was not a courtesy visit as the newspaper claimed in the first paragraph. The comrades were not there for prayers or prophecies. They were there on a business mission. Phew! You heard that right, a whole government delegation wanted to talk serious business with a so-called prophet.

They wanted to discuss the possibility of Bushiri investing in our energy sector. Mokola is quoted as saying the visit was driven by strides Bushiri is making on the continent especially in partnering with various governments on developmental financing.
He said they wanted to see if Bushiri through his Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI) could invest in Lesotho’s power generation sector.
“As such we are looking for companies and individuals that can partner with us and we felt Prophet Bushiri has the capacity in this area,” he said. Phew!

But just to make sure that people are not confused about the real motive of the visit Mokola added a few more sound bites.
“He (Bushiri) visited Lesotho some months ago and we were all amazed with the level of popularity that he enjoys in our country.
“Besides that, we read and observe a lot about the strides he is making as an investor especially in working with states and governments.
“As a government, we felt we should also engage him because we have a number of challenges in the country especially the financing part,” he said.

So there we have it, Lesotho has been reduced to dealing with dubious prophets masquerading as investors. It’s astounding that this country could stoop so low as to discuss national business matters with a man notorious for trickery rather than business acumen.
We have become so desperate that we are now doing business with prophets.

That this is happening in a world awash with credible financial institutions and astute business people is maddening.
It will be doubly hilarious were it not so sad. If this is not tosh then Muckraker is not her mother’s daughter. There is no need for a quick lesson on how governments raise money for such projects.

What is important to remember is that the so-called prophets have never and should never be allowed near a government project. The reasons for that are obvious even to a person whose brain is the size of the punctuation mark at the end of this sentence.
They are toxic and dodgy characters whose source of wealth is as dubious as their prophecies. They prey on the gullible and desperate.
As a matter of principle you should never trust anyone who claims to speak on God’s behalf. Never trust anyone who talks about God as if he is his playmate.

For the record Bushiri is that fellow who tells people that they will find millions in their bank accounts.
He is that blabbermouth who claims to know what underwear a person is wearing. He is that chatterbox who claims to treat any disease.
He has never built a business but claims to be filthy rich. You might ask where the hell he gets his money. Well, it’s from the poor people who are called “partners”.

These pay a monthly subscription for access to the so-called prophet and a chance to sit near the pulpit. Bushiri doesn’t have to account to any of the congregants for the subscriptions and tithes.
He uses it the way he pleases because it is his church, his worshipers and his rascals. It is that money that the Lesotho delegation wanted Bushiri to invest in our energy sector.

Someone pass Muckraker a hankie. This is the gutter in which we are now wallowing.
We are looking for money from so-called prophets when there are credible financial institutions.
Muckraker is however not shocked. Lesotho has a way of marching backwards.

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