Rapapa wanted by fashion police

Rapapa wanted by fashion police

SAM Rapapa, the communications minister and chairman of the All Basotho Confusion (ABC), reminds Muckraker of her grandmother.
Not because of any resemblance between the now-departed nkhono and the minister. It’s Rapapa’s suits that bring back memories of Muckraker’s nana.
She was an excellent dressmaker and Rapapa would have been her biggest client. Rapapa doesn’t seem to know the size of his suit.
It’s as if he walks into a shop and picks a suit two sizes bigger than his frame.

The results are always disastrous for himself and observers.
He has a way of looking shabby even in the most expensive of suits. He looks like he has mistakenly picked Moramotse’s jacket after a cabinet meeting. It’s not a pleasing sight and Mr Softie should declare his fashion sense a national disaster.
That will help concerned citizens like Muckraker to explain that this fashion is unique to Rapapa and we are dealing with it at the highest level.
A law against such would not hurt. And that is urgent because a friend who saw Rapapa trudging in a suit jacket that looked like a blanket, recently asked Muckraker if Lesotho has too much cotton or the government has banned tailors.

Muckraker is still pondering that question but the eloquent and smart Rapapa can speak for himself. It is however doubtful that he will have time for such a crucial question. After all, he is burdened by the excessive fabric on his shoulders.
Struggling to keep his fingers from being overwhelmed by the textile.
Always trying to convince the trousers against suffocating his shoes.
But before we overly judge his fashion sense, we should remember that clothes reflect character. Maybe his oversize suits are telling us something about his oversized ambition. He has openly declared his wish to be the next prime minister. We may never know what informs such ambition.
It might be that confidence that gives him the courage to proudly walk around in a suit jacket that looks like a graduation gown.
Perhaps it is informed by the fact that being a chairman in the ABC is one of the most useless positions.

It’s the same as being a deputy minister. As inflated as being the mayor of Maseru. More like calling a receptionist the front office director, a gardener the landscape engineer and the barman a senior beverages manager.
Muckraker is volunteering to hold the overflowing fabric of his suit like a bridesmaid does to the bride’s wedding gown.
It would be an honour. Remember how the Feselady’s bridesmaid pompously clutched her outrageously long dress at the stadium? That’s Muckraker behind Rapapa as he enters the cabinet meeting.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!


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