Roasting in misery

Roasting in misery

Lesotho’s rumour mill was in overdrive this week after someone leaked pictures of Uncle Tom and his sweetheart swallowing sausage and pork.
Uncle Tom looked dapper in a matching short, T-shirt and beret.
His mochesi was also looking neat in a white T-shirt and a black cap.
The first photo showed them roasting meat.

In the second one they were slouched on pool chairs, having obviously loaded their privileged tummies to the brim.
Muckraker could hear the air filling with jealous and envy coming from all corners of the country.

That much was confirmed by the snide comments that accompanied the pictures. Haters created an impression of a couple having a good time while the people starve. Of course, Uncle Tom can afford sausage and pork.
And he wasn’t rubbing it in our faces because he obviously didn’t take that picture and post it on social media.

Here was an old man having a blast with his mochesi and someone snapped them in that moment of bliss.
The vitriol that followed was therefore unwarranted.
What should concern some zealots-cum-loathers is that the couple did not seem worried about the chaos in the country and the ABC.
Clearly the ranting from those who want Uncle Tom out has no effect on the romance. The dogs are barking while the chariot creaks on.
Does that get your goat countrymen?

Well, that is the point. Blame your misery on your unbridled exuberance in June 2017. It was you who was gyrating and screaming your voice hoarse at the ABC rallies. You even prayed for the party to win the election.
You willingly fasted for their victory and now you are being forced to fast for months.

Don’t cry, for this too will come to pass. Find a quiet place to lick your wounds while hoping that something dramatic will happen.
Take heart for this matter is no longer in your hands.
No amount of shrieking on social media, radio and newspapers will change your miserable affairs.

From the way the lovebirds were roasting at the State House, Muckraker is convinced that they have the skill to grill you for a few more months.

Hear, hear, hear!
There is a shameless battalion of MPs sweating and screaming to justify the M500 000 interest-free loans they have been stuffing into their deep pockets for years.
This is despite that the loans have been exposed as nothing but a thieving scheme. That is what they are.

The looting has intensified in recent years as MPs manipulate successive coalition governments to settle their loans.
Their inane argument has always been that they cannot afford to repay their loans after losing their jobs.
The government, which is led by MPs, has repeatedly obliged by paying off the loans. In the past five years the government has paid M75 million for the MPs. The corruption of it all is staggering.

MPs come into parliament and receive M500 000. Parliament collapses after two years when the MPs have repaid less than half of the loans. The government then repays the outstanding portions for them and the MPs are miraculously debt-free.
Once re-elected the same MPs quickly take another M500 000, part of which is repaid by the state when the government collapses midway.
So each collapse of the government is a chance for the MPs to have their loans paid off by the state. An election is an opportunity to get new loans. This cycle of state-sponsored sleaze continues.

What irritates Muckraker is that some MPs are so delusional that they think this robbery is fair.
For years Basotho have been clamouring for an end to this dubious scheme.
In the process some MPs have come back to their senses and can see that this pilfering of state resources is witchcraft.
Size Two is now saying MPs should repay their loans even if the government collapses. That is how it should be.

It’s just that he is speaking out M75 million later. Still, it’s instructive that he has awakened to the deception that benefited him and his comrades.
It’s never too late to repent. There comes a time when the conscience wins the battle against greed and selfishness.
We welcome Size Two from the den of thieves. We just hope he doesn’t backslide. But there are some MPs who will fight to death to keep their hands in the cookie jar.

The same cannot be said about Fako Moshoeshoe, the ABC MP who wants to keep his calloused hands in the cookie jar. He says the loans should continue because our MPs are paid far less than their peers in the region. His reasoning here is skewed for several reasons.
First, Lesotho’s economy is the smallest in the region. Second, not a single salary in this government is benchmarked according to the regional scales. Third, Fako is not working for the region but little Lesotho.
His salary is paid by Lesotho, not the region.

Fourth, Fako has never screamed about other employees being paid less than their peers in the region.
His attempt to evoke the “region” is meant to justify the thievery that has been happening in parliament for years.
Fako and his comrades should work in the “region” if Lesotho is not paying them well.
An MP’s salary is a function of what a country can afford, not what the MP thinks they are worth.

Fako should not pretend to be smart by talking about regional salaries. He was a soldier in Lesotho and earned far less than other soldiers in the region.
As a farmer, he is not as rich as those across the border.
So he must just zip it.

But there is a much more compelling reason why Fako’s “regional” argument should be dismissed as delusional.
MPs are elected, not hired. He wasn’t invited to be an MP.
There was no interview to test his acumen and competence.
Anyone can do his job. There is no special skill required.
Even Sarah, the donkey, can be an MP.

If any MP thinks they are special then they just have to quit their job and see if that job will be vacant for more than a month.
There is no shortage of politicians in this country.
And given the tomfoolery in parliament, it is clear that any one and anything can be an MP. A scarecrow could do just fine as an MP.

We could have a baboon in Fako’s position and debates could go on.
In any case, Muckraker thinks a baboon will do a much better job than most MPs. Baboons are agile and innovative. The same cannot be said for most of our MPs who are indolent dimwits.
We should not be paying for such tosh. Never!

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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