Saeba ke ngoan’a mang?

Saeba ke ngoan’a mang?

Minister Rapapa is inconsolable after MPs rejected his Cybersecurity Bill and the sim card registration Bill. He says he sees a ploy to undermine him, the ABC and the government. He could be right but Muckraker suspects he is giving the MPs too much credit.
It would mean the MPs are a sophisticated lot capable of lucid political strategies.
That is scandalously wrong.

There was no political thought, method or scheme to the decision.
The government doesn’t need anyone to undermine it because it is already excelling at that with its daft decisions. The ABC doesn’t need to be destabilised by anyone because it is already at war with itself.
There is no point in whipping an organisation that has been whipping itself for years.
The point is that there is nothing to undermine in both the government and the ruling party. Both are kaput.

Instead of seeing political tokoloshis, Rapapa should just ask a few MPs what they understand about cybersecurity.
Had he listened attentively during the debate he would have heard miracles.

Muckraker is told that during the debate some MPs were asking each other who owns this new cybersecurity company that is so important that it has to be debated in parliament. Others were asking if cyber security is not in competition with Security Unlimited or BB Alert Security.
“Hobane’ng ba sa kenye BB Alert moo?” asked one.
“Ba bua ka k’hamphani ea Amerika mona!” said another.
“Saeba ke ngoan’a mang?” quipped another.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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