Selling hot water at a market

Selling hot water at a market

Muckraker will not comment on the on-going tiff between Vodacom and the Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA).

That is a domestic issue to be sorted by uncles and aunties. A few pitsos, some pinching and legal slaps will end this fracas sooner than you can send a “call me back”.

What she knows is that this brawl will not change the cost of her bundles.
Equally apparent is that this battle will end with someone shedding some tears. You don’t play like this and come out without some scars.
What Muckraker will not accept is the LCA’s attempt to regulate social media content.

On that one this girl from Mafube will strip naked and parade her assets at Ha Mafafa.
If you find the sight not pleasing you can go tell it to the mountain or wait for a better spectacle from the ladies that take over the alleys after sunset.
There is no point to bore anyone about the technicalities of the proposed regulations.

Nor is there anything to be gained from quoting our emaciated constitution’s provisions on freedom of speech. Some things are just obvious.

A proper analysis should tackle the inanity of the regulations. They are a joke without a punch line. The kind of joke you tell and people stare at you as if you have unleashed a loud fart.

A fart that has refused to be muffled. That unexpected fart you try to hide with a fake cough but which loudly announces itself.
Let’s dig into this morass then. The idea that an authority with less than 40 workers can register and control one million Facebook users is ridiculous.

The LCA is already scrambling to regulate two mobile network companies and a dozen garrulous radio stations.
Social media is not a backyard tap you can simply close. You can do that with Wasco, taps not social media. An authority that cannot regulate Moyeye and Ramainoane has no business clamouring to control Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or YouTube. It must stick to chasing small fish before it jumps at whales. It has neither the financial nor human capacity to control social media content. That it has the powers does not mean it can do it.

The absurdity of what the LCA is proposing is shocking. This is not just some small fish trying to play big. No! It is recklessness informed by an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

But more importantly, the whole escapade is informed by a deliberate misunderstanding of what it can and cannot do. This disease, if we can call it that, comes from paying too much attention to the hallucinations of failed politicians.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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