Silly doctors

Silly doctors

THEY say hell knows no fury like a scorned woman. They are right, but only to a certain degree.
If you want to know what fury looks and sounds like listen to a Mosotho graduate.

It matters not that they are unemployed, employed or underpaid. They are just bitter. As acerbic as the politics of this country.
They will always find something to grouse over as if the world owes them a living. Give them jobs and they whimper about the pay.
Leave them to wallow in the streets without jobs and they will bellow about unemployment.

Pay them what you can afford and they will start talking about what other graduates are paid in South Africa.
Give them a job that has nothing to do with their qualification, because that is the only position you have, and they will scream about being marginalised.
Muckraker sees this sense of entitlement in almost every graduate in this country. They are forever ungrateful for having a little in this sea of poverty.
It’s as if they deserve better because they happened to have spent four years at college.

There is a certain bellyaching that comes with being a graduate. You start deluding yourself into thinking that the world is desperate for people like you. You convince yourself that the world is an evil place if it doesn’t give you a second look.

The boys and girls we sent to Zimbabwe to be trained as doctors have joined this group of cry babies. Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe, the government is underpaying us. Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe, nyoe the Minister of Health has denied us approval to work in South Africa where we stand to earn double the peanuts we are getting here.
Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe, we are working long hours under terrible conditions.
We don’t have accommodation, nyoe, nyoe and nyoe.

Muckraker is not going to deliver the numbingly boring sermon about patriotism because that is not what this is about. Nor is it about the so-called injustice meted against them.
It is about the little doctors having an exaggerated sense of self-worth. It all comes down to them labouring under the pathetic notion that they are a special breed to be cuddled like new-borns.
It has everything to do with a bunch of spoilt brats who think being medical doctors gives them a licence to be pampered. Oops, I lie.

They are not even qualified doctors yet because they have not completed their housemanship. They are apprentices clamouring to be treated like journeymen.

You see, these little doctors have always understood the rules of the game. It’s just that having added the ‘Dr’ title to their names, they want to change the rules.
They knew from the moment they went for training that they were going to do two years of housemanship in Lesotho. They knew they were going to be bonded for five years.
That arrangement will not change even if they scream their lungs out. It should not change. They have a debt to pay to this country.
Lesotho has sponsored trainee doctors who forsake the country as soon as they qualify.

Deserted by its doctors Lesotho has had to resort to some questionable characters coming from all over the Africa. We are not even certainSUREnot senior nurses. Everyone has a right to tie his goat to a tree. These young doctors are our goats.  Does that get your goat? That is the intention.

There is no denying that they must be paid well and their work conditions must improve. Yet those are not strong enough reasons to want to bunk their contractual obligations.
Five years is what they should give to this country before they are allowed to fly away.

In any case it’s not as if other graduates in this country are enjoying spectacular salaries and splendid work conditions.  There is nothing new with working hard for little pay. Almost everyone in this country will tell you a sad story about that. Even those you think are earning by the bucket have their own tales.
As for the work conditions Muckraker thinks the little doctors should just zip it. Doctors all over the world work long hours, sometimes under punishing conditions. It’s like a 4+1 taxi driver complaining about police officers emptying his pockets.  Live with it boys and girls!

Muckraker knows you are not even that good at your work. Yeh, I said it!
Most of them are testing their skills on us. They crammed to pass and now they are doing trial and error on our bodies.  When they don’t know what’s ailing you they resort to painkillers.  At night they are asking doctor Google to decipher what is paining you. For the record, Muckraker will never be treated by any doctor who is under 45.
She is no guinea pig.

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