Some Covid truths

Some Covid truths

In Lesotho we have a crazy way of doing things.
Ramaphosa had barely opened his borders when the brouhaha started in Lesotho.

Suddenly, you have a battalion complaining about South Africa’s demand for Covid tests for anyone who wants to enter their borders.
There was even some pathetic lie that the Covid-19 tests were for people coming from high risk areas. The same noise however did not happen when Mr Softie announced that he will open his own borders.

The fight, as you can see, was about going to South Africa and not coming to Lesotho.
Which brings us to the silliness of it all.
It is Basotho who should be demanding that South Africans have Covid tests to enter Lesotho. The logic here is simply that it is Lesotho that should be protected from Covid cases in South Africa.

You don’t need to be an epidemiologist to know that most of our cases were imported from South Africa. The high risk area is South Africa.
All this however doesn’t matter to some dimwits in our midst who think good living is crossing the border to buy tomatoes in Ladybrand.

But we should not be surprised because Covid has busted the myth that we are a country.
That realisation has been a long time coming. Just before the lockdown we had accepted that we are a province of South Africa.

While that was a demotion we took solace in the fact that we were at least a province with its own borders and a prime minister.
The lockdown changed all that. It turns out that we are actually a district of the Free State province. We still have our borders but that is all there is to it.

All this explains why so many people are clamouring for the borders to reopen so they can go gallivant at malls in Bloemfontein. The nerve of scrambling to a Covid hotspot is shocking. It would be funny were it is not so tragic.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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