Stop this nonsense!

Stop this nonsense!

MUCKRAKER will puke if she reads another nauseating story about a minister or politician donating food to villagers. The donations are a charade performed for political expediency.

That is why ministers always have an army of journalists in tow when making the donations. It explains why they wait for the cameras to start rolling before handing over the food parcels.
The barefooted villagers are paraded to the cameras as they receive the food. The minister will be smiling ear to ear as they place the food packets into the calloused hands of the villagers.

You can see that the minister is acting for the cameras and thoroughly pleased with himself. It’s a disgrace that ministers have reduced citizens to beggars only useful for personal branding and political point scoring.
The idea that a minister can donate food or anything to citizens is ridiculous.
What infuriates Muckraker is that the ministers don’t see the irony in handing out food to the same people the government should provide for.

They behave as if they are Good Samaritans saving desperate people from the jaws of poverty.
To see the inanity of it all you have to look at the food packages themselves.
It’s usually a bottle of cooking oil, a packet of salt, a bag of mealie-meal and some beans. Yes, beans!

Often a few cans of sardines are thrown in there for a glowing picture. From the event the minister and his entourage will make a detour to a hotel where they load their tummies with scrumptious food at the government’s expense.
In the evening they watch Lesotho TV beaming the story of their donation while enjoying glasses of whiskey and picking mutton from their teeth. Of course, the government will pay the per diems for the trip to the village.

Government offices are deserted as civil servants follow the minister to the event like puppies. Cars, which are usually fuel guzzlers, hit the terrible village roads to deliver morsels.
When asked where they get the food packages, they say it’s from their own pockets. Yet we all know the food comes from some dubious characters who call themselves businesspeople. That is why their names are never mentioned at the event.

They are not being modest. They know their agenda is not to help the people or garner publicity.
They are targeting tenders. They are buying influence.

One MP was once laughed out of parliament for suggesting that politicians should declare the source of their donations. Some of his colleagues pretended he was hallucinating while others said feigned confusion about the crux of his submission. The man was simply saying we must understand who is giving the donations to the politicians and for what purpose.
He should have however known he was dealing with a bunch of deceitful and unrepentantly corrupt people.

It is by design that the ministers donate food and not companies.
They will never fund cooperatives for the people to fend for themselves. None donates cows or goats. Not a single politician has funded a project for the villagers to generate sustainable income.
The idea is to throw some crumbs from the high table so the people remain beholden to politicians.

They know financially independent people will never tolerate their lies and false promises.
Meanwhile, the cabinet doesn’t seem concerned with implementing proper poverty alleviation projects.
There will be no need for donations if the government was helping the poor earn their sustenance. Those donations are an indication of the government’s dismal and embarrassing failure.
It’s not that the ministers and politicians don’t know this notorious fact.

They just pretend to be oblivious.
That’s the breed we have for leaders. The kind that has no shame. Yet there are still some impressionable souls that ululate for these donations.
Nyoe, nyoe, it shows that the politicians and ministers care for the poor.
Holy dung!
You are praising them for giving out the same food the government should be providing. Such sycophancy is the reason politicians take the people for granted.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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