The chief whip  of rats

The chief whip of rats

YOU would expect the likes of Mankoe Maime to be the voice of reason in this fiasco about allowances. He should know better but has opted to dive into the cesspool.
A whole parliamentary chief whip is furiously flogging the MPs to agree to partake in a robbery.

He describes MPs who withdrew their support for the allowances as “hypocrites”.
Maime is right but the irony of an MP from a poor constituency screaming for more benefits is lost on him. Instead of just admitting he was in on the robbery Maime is now blaming journalists who he alleges pester him for money.

But in his rush to disperse blame for the storm he created, Maime made some vital admissions about his relationship with radio journalists.
“You, journalists, sometimes personally call us for money,” Maime said.
At that moment, the chief whip had whipped himself into confessing to being a payer of bribes.

We now know why Maime is given hours to just ramble on the radio.
He would have greased palms. Muckraker will not condemn the journalists for dipping their hands into Maime’s pocket.
The man however doesn’t admit that he is paying for a service he badly needs. He wants to use the journalists to campaign and is therefore willingly paying.

He is only complaining because some journalists are now biting the hand that feeds them.
This is however a simple labour issue, not as complicated as that of the Tsepong nurses.
It’s a deal that has soured. Always of short memory, the journalists are quick to turn on their paymasters.

If Maime is unhappy with the service, the only solution is to stop paying the scribes. They are ungrateful bastards.
What is horrible is for Maime to rob the state to pay his spin doctors and running dogs. Basotho were not involved in the deal and should therefore never be asked to pick the bill.

Muckraker however suspects the journalists are not doing a great job of fleecing Maime.
And that’s because they are dirt cheap. You have to be an unmitigated idiot to ask for M500 to campaign for a politician who will earn M2.4 million in five years.
Not that Muckraker is justifying the bribes. Never! It’s just that the journalists should not sabotage the bribe market by charging coins for work that sends rats to parliament.

Perhaps it’s time the bribery fees are gazetted like those of lawyers.
Maime should whip his colleagues to pass a law that brings some order in this brown envelope market. This business of charging a few hundreds is messing up and making journalists poorer.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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