The circus that never stops

The circus that never stops

Muckraker has never believed Nacocircus’ weekly Covid-19 statistics. You don’t need to be a statistician to see that the numbers are out of sync with reality. Yet it would not be fair to say those numbers are a result of random guessing. Surely there must be some method to how they count the deaths and the recoveries.

But because they don’t bother to explain their method, we can only speculate.
Muckraker suspects that every Monday Nacocircus officials gather in a room to play a game of dice.

Each district is represented by an official in the game. If the Maseru ‘representative’ rolls a dice and scores five then that will be the number of Covid deaths to be allocated to Maseru. Whatever score on the dice is the number of deaths Nacocircus allocates to a district. When it comes to recoveries, they simply ask each of the ten players to say their favourite number for that week. The only rule is that the number must be between 1 and 10.

They then add those numbers and plonk the total as recoveries.
Now that they are being evicted Muckraker hopes they will play their games under a tree somewhere far.
That way they will not continue to deliver their comic show from the comfort of a hotel.

You know you are a joker when you move a government department from a state-owned conference centre into a hotel. That this shift happened when the government was claiming to be broke boggles the mind.
We can conclude the decision to move into a hotel was based on a dice game. There is no other cogent explanation for that inane decision. They were not evicted from the centre.

They could not be evicted from a property owned by the government. But because this is Nacocircus we are talking about most of the decisions have to be clownish.
Don’t ask why they moved from the conference centre because they will tell you that they were running away from the tokoloshis of the Command Centre of Looting. It turns out that they only managed to escape the looting tokoloshi but the bungling tokoloshi followed them to the hotel.
Now they don’t even remember that rent is paid in advance.

The hotel has to be patient though because it might find itself in a John Xie situation. Like the ’Manthabiseng Convention Centre, the hotel building is owned by the government.
Whatever happens Muckraker hopes Nacocircus is not disbanded because it is the only thing providing comic relief in these depressing days. Their job is supposed to be serious but they always manage to find ways to make it look like a joke.

It’s a pity the officials take themselves seriously. They actually think they are doing something substantial when all they do is play dice and paint their faces.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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