The minister  of makoenya

The minister of makoenya

Muckraker is yet to recover from the chuckle induced by ‘Maseribane’s demotion.
One day he was speaking for the government and the next he was touring vending stalls in the bus stop area.

From national broadcasting services to spaza shops.
From a minister responsible for mobile network companies to a minister of second-hand clothes and maize roasting stalls.
The minister of makoenya.
The jury is still out on whether the fact that he is one of Phori’s successors is an insult or a compliment.

Either way, it’s a long way from being the minister of communications, science and technology.
But what was double humorous was the rumour that ‘Maseribane was so pissed that he wanted to resign.

Phew! Jokes don’t come this tickling. ‘Maseribane will never resign from the cabinet even if he is demoted to being minister of cockroaches.
And that’s not because he is always ready to serve. No! He cannot live without the trappings of being a minister.

In any case, he has nowhere else to go. It’s too late for him to look for a job. Even if he gets the courage to apply for a job, the lack of qualifications will be a mountain too high to climb.
Many might have watched, in disgust or amusement, how he tried to be a journalist by interviewing Thebe-ea-Khale a few weeks ago. It was surreal watching a minister reducing himself to a reporter and still failing to do a decent job.

If that was a belated attempt to master some useful skill then it failed horribly.
He remains without any particular skill useful to any sector or corner of the economy.

Yet as we watch him settling into his new role, we should never forget the mischief that happened in the telecommunications sector when he was the minister in charge. Muckraker is not talking about the attempt to kick out Vodacom.

While that was a terrible miscalculation, it can be argued that those who made the move showed some spine in even attempting to do it. We cannot fault their bravery even though it was always clear that this was a fight beyond their skills, acumen or stamina. What we should never forget is that the regulatory authority, through the ministry’s blessing, tried to control social media. Yep, they actually did and ‘Maseribane was in charge.

They were concocting a law to force everyone with 100 friends on Facebook to register with the regulatory authority.
It doesn’t matter who came up with that inane idea. What is crucial is that ‘Maseribane was the minister when it was suggested. It might not have been his idea but it was broached during his time.

That some excitable technocrats thought this would actually get the minister’s approval is an indication of how lowly the functionaries thought of him as a minister. The idea still has some embers but Muckraker hopes Sello, the new communications minister, will find three thousand primary school students to pee on it. He can justify it as a practical lesson on how to kill off silly ideas.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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