The (not so) smart one

The (not so) smart one

Police Minister Lepota Sekola has a way to end the famo gang murders in Mokhotlong.
His solution is to ban the people in Mokhotlong from wearing certain blankets.

His reason is that the blankets are linked to the murders.
Don’t grumble or curse because the man is not bluffing. He is convinced that people who don’t wear blankets are incapable of shooting each other.
In other words, people shivering in the Mokhotlong cold cannot plot murders.

Their fingers are too numb from the cold to pull the trigger.
Which is to say the cold would have frozen murderous thoughts out of a gangster’s brain.
Or he wants them to spend time fetching firewood instead of brandishing guns.

Those who don’t wear blankets are also less likely to be killed.
It’s a genius crime prevention method.
The gangsters can keep their guns but not the blankets. Phew?
Nothing is to be gained from pointing out the ridiculousness of the strategy. Suffice to say we should not be surprised that the minister who conjured up such an inane idea was appointed by a man with a Doctorate in Natural Resources Economics.
He surely knows how to mine deep for rare talent.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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