The real rats

The real rats

HEAR, hear and hear. Mohlolo! After a long time Justice Thamsanqa Nomngcongo has said something worth quoting. Last week he said those commenting about ‘Maesaiah’s bail hearing on social media are rats that should be sanitised.

“The sewer rats and their gutter (social media) must be sanitised,” Justice Nomngcongo said.
Fair and fine! Those on social media should not bother denying that sometimes they behave like rats. They are often unruly and mischievous.
Remember that a group of rats is called a mischief.

But let’s now talk about the other rats at the Palace of Justice.
It is common knowledge, even to goats, that the judiciary is infested with rats bigger than cats. Rats are well known for being lazy.

The High Court judges are swimming in a pool of undelivered judgements. Justice Nomngcongo himself has several cases waiting for judgements. His colleagues are also drowning in thousands of unresolved cases.

Rats are also known for being parasitic. They reap where they never sowed. The High Court judges spend hours basking on heaters in their chambers while the backlog of cases mounts.

They are always complaining about poor salaries and lack of resources. That’s what real rats do. No matter how well you feed them they will always find something to whine about.

Even when the kitchen has food they still munch your clothes.
Rats, by their nature, are never satisfied. They eat everything and give nothing in return.

The judges want to be pampered with benefits but are hostile to being asked to do their work. Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe, separation of powers. Blah, blah, blah, the executive is interfering with the judiciary.

All this moaning is meant to avoid being held accountable for failing to deliver judgements. Muckraker will say it here and now: the real rats are in gowns and those hideous wigs.

Rats are some of the most disloyal creatures. When they run out of food they eat their own. Look how those judges threw their colleagues under a bus when the executive pocked its calloused fingers in the judiciary.

They were silent when the late Justice Ramodibedi was being harassed by Uncle Tom. When the government went after Justice Lehohla they pretended to be deaf and blind. The same happened when Justice Mosito was being spanked out of his office.

They ganged up on Registrar ’Mathato Sekoai. Justice Majara knows how the judges are a treacherous lot. They looked aside as she was being abused by Uncle Tom’s government. They couldn’t even touch her with a 10ft pole when she was in trouble.

Yet one of them had the nerve to call the people speaking their mind sewer rats that should be sanitized. The Jerrys at the Palace of Justice should give us a break.

Muckraker is aware that someone somewhere will accuse her of insulting judges. Well, that is none of her business. It is the judge who started the name-calling.

He must be ready to take what he gives. Real rats are the only ones that should be offended here because they never started this fight. They will say they are not as slow as the High Court judges. In the meantime we should remember who was in a rat race to give ’Maesaiah bail in February.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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