The screaming couple

The screaming couple

Some things are just obvious. Even rats in Abia know Uncle Tom and the Feselady have a penchant for donations.
The donations from the Feselady are just a ruse to cover up the gifts flowing into the couple’s pockets. They receive thousands from other people and give pennies to the poor.

The couple calls it charity but Muckraker calls it deceit.
That insatiable passion for freebies didn’t start when the couple was exiled in South Africa.
They have always been receivers. As Muckraker writes this someone is itching to buy electricity for the couple.
Someone is probably sending goodies to the old man and his “Sweet Sixteen”.

Anyone who denies this reality has no justification having a brain. They are wasting our precious oxygen.
The couple has lived off John Xie for years. Aaron Banks, the controversial British businessman who pretends to be a millionaire, gave them money when they were in Ficksburg.

Uncle Tom later said it was money for “soap”. Yes you heard that right: thousands to buy soap as if they were washing elephants or Tholo Transport vehicles.

The couple took Banks’ money even as ABC MPs were paying tithes to them.
Muckraker will strip naked and walk all the way to Qaqatu if the couple can prove they bought every brick on their Abia mansion.
Given their propensity to receive, Muckraker wonders why the couple is hostile to taking delivery of some free wisdom. By now even some of their bootlickers and zealots have probably told them to quietly enjoy their pensions. The old timer and yellow bone are still bellowing, parading their bitterness for all to see.

Every week they have to launch a grenade at Mr Softie and his government. It has become a habit.
The modus operandi is the same. The Feselady finds some trinkets to donate and then screams at the government for being aloof to the plight of the poor.

Blah, blah, blah the government is neglecting the people. She even talks about Covid-19 as if she knows what a virus is. The woman doesn’t even know that Covid-19 is an abbreviation standing for coronavirus disease of 2019.

The Feselady is attacking the government for allowing the disease to spread even as she gallivants to birthday parties.
When they cannot find an opportunity to attack the government they create one.
That is precisely what they did when they stage-managed a march by Avani workers last week.

The desperate workers were instructed to march to the couple’s house if they wanted some phoofo.
And so they trekked to Abia in numbers.

There they found Uncle Tom and his chatterbox of a wife waiting with food parcels and boxes of vitriol against Mr Softie. The charade was hilarious.
Breasted men and women were appealing to a former Prime Minster for help as if they didn’t know where to find Mr Softie who is in charge. After the rented mob sang for its supper, the Feselady and her hubby took turns to blast the government for neglecting the poor.

Of course, it didn’t matter that he is the one who locked down the country without a cogent plan to help the people. He is obviously too old to remember that the mess is his. Both are oblivious to the hypocrisy oozing in their words. It was Uncle Tom whose indolence and ineptness shoved this country into a crisis.

The former tenants of the State House are shrieking because there are still tiny pockets of imbeciles willing to listen to their drivel. That is how Lesotho’s politics works. There is a demand for any tosh as long as it is puked by a politician.

We are a people that easily forgets the transgressions of our politicians. Little wonder Uncle Tom and his cheeky chick are now heroes.
We now have some misdirected souls claiming that Thabane was better. My foot!

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