The terrible siblings

The terrible siblings

EVERY family has one. That moron who brings shame to their clan.
That unhinged uncle or aunt whose mouth has filed divorce papers on the brain.

The blabbermouth who has no sense of occasion.
The one who will pee in the village well and kick the hopose cup.
The loud one to be avoided like a plague in the streets. But once you have accepted that they are a gift from the ancestors you tolerate their tomfoolery. And with time you realise that they bring both and humour in equal measure. Sometimes they can even be useful when you want to deal with rascals from other families or villages.

The trouble begins when you have two such characters in one family.
In Mokhotlong’s Checha village, there is a family that had the misfortune of being bestowed with two vile characters. When the family gave us the Feselady we thought it was just a mistake that would soon be rectified. A nightmare from which we would wake up.

Surely there could be nothing worse that this drama queen…so we thought.
She clobbered people and sent ministers to the cleaners while her husband chuckled like a baby.
Before we knew it she was firing and hiring senior government officials.
She smuggled beer into prison and violated lockdown rules to attend a friend’s birthday party. Now the prosecutors say she organised a hit on someone.

Never in the history of mankind has one person been accused of so many crimes or dabbled in so much mischief.
Until a few weeks ago we thought she was the only one we had to tolerate.
But then her brother Tsebang Ramoholi entered the fray with gusto.
Suddenly the Feselady has a partner in the arena of idiocy. The Checha village has done it again.

Tsebang has now been charged with insulting Mr Softie and inviting him to a fist fight.
You know you are a crackpot when you invite Mr Softie to a boxing match.
He is not built for such rough encounters.
Tsebang also insulted Temeki Tšolo, former Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office.

That was a fair challenge because Tšolo is good at two things: unleashing fists and swallowing anything that comes from a brewery.
As it turns out Tsebang is angry that Mr Softie did not give his lady friends jobs. Tšolo too was reluctant to dish out jobs. Tsebang, by the way is the same rascal who was once arrested for allegedly running a bush employment agency.

He told his victims, from whom he got bribes, that his Feselady sister would give them jobs. Unfortunately, his sister was too busy hiring ministers and principal secretaries to worry about some fato-fato gigs. The Ramoholi family has entered our history books. Muckraker is however sure that there was never a buy-one-get-one-free promotion in Checha. The pasela is as rotten as what we bought.

What is also clear is that the Feselady and her brother lack a beating.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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