When birds have the catapult

When birds have the catapult

POLICE Commissioner Holomo Molibeli just doesn’t get it.
That’s why he keeps quarrelling with the constables at Leposa.
It’s a contest he will never win because he doesn’t know its rules.
He however insists on playing it with gusto.

Now he is resorting to a mixture of threats and other crude tactics like transferring or firing. That is the exact reaction Leposa wanted.
Public sympathy is the main currency for trade unions. It is clear that Leposa doesn’t have much leverage over the commissioner because they are not a union in the strict sense of the definition. They are a mere association that smells like a union.

Bereft of the negotiating power or clout to push anyone around, they can only bank on extracting public sympathy by playing victim. And they have succeeded thusfar, thanks to the commissioner unwittingly coming down to their level.

He is barking orders to a bunch of unruly constables whose only claim to fame is to be leaders of an association with no real power.
In a quest to flex his muscles, the commissioner has descended into a pool of dung the constables call home.

You could see his lack of tact when he started warning police officers against participating in a Leposa strike that even pigs knew would not happen. He had blinked first and was bashing his own reputation in public.
The narrative became that of a commissioner blocking oppressed workers from exercising their right to march. Never mind that police officers are not allowed to strike. The constables are now making him run like a headless chicken.

The result is that he looks like a man who has lost control. This is despite the fact that he doesn’t answer to Leposa as the commissioner. They have no business demanding that commissioner be fired. Their wish will come to naught.

By dabbling in their tomfoolery, the he has handed Leposa the initiative they should never had. Thanks to his hasty moves, the birds have wrestled the seqha from him and he is running around the veld as they take shots at him.

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