Abduction story a lie, say witness

Abduction story a lie, say witness

….… as Mahao’s bodyguard shoots dead two men…….

MASERU -WHAT really happened on Saturday night when Nat Molikeng, Professor Nqosa Mahao’s bodyguard, allegedly shot and killed two men at a bar in Khubetsoana?
The story bandied around on radio and social media is that the bodyguard, Molikeng acted in self-defence when two men allegedly tried to abduct him.
The abduction and self-defence narratives are feeding off the current factional fights in the All Basotho Convention (ABC) party.
So Molikeng has been portrayed as a victim of a toxic political fight that has turned violent.
But an interview thepost had with an eyewitness who was intricately involved in the incident has punctured holes into the abduction and self-defence stories peddled over the past five days.
Letlaketsi Mathunya is a friend to Kibiti ‘Mosoampha’ Thaki and Muso Koelane, the two men who were killed. He was there when the events that led to their death unfolded. He says he fears for his life.

Mathunya only gave a statement to the police on Monday, two days after the incident. What he told the police could be exactly what he has told thepost in the interview.
He is most likely to repeat the same story when the suspect’s trial opens.
“The story I will tell you is the same I will tell the court if they call me. That is what I told the police in my statement. That is the truth,” Mathunya said.
Mathunya told thepost that at no time did Thaki and Koelane try to abduct Molikeng.
He said their first interaction with Molikeng happened in the last minutes of the incident.
His story is that on Saturday he picked up Kibiti, one of the deceased, and drove to Thetsane to meet another friend.
“I had just bought the car,” he said.

The three had drinks in Thetsane until around 11pm when Mathunya and Thaki drove back to Khubetsoana.
He said on the way they made a detour to Salang Bar where they found Koelane sitting in his car. The three friends bought food and ate while sitting in Koelane’s car.
“The initial plan was to eat in my car but we changed to Koelane’s car because the light in my car was not working,” Mathunya said.
“After eating I looked at my car and saw its bonnet opened. I did not know how that happened because it was locked and the keys were with me.”
Mathunya said they rushed to the car with Thaki and found a man “who seemed to be pulling something from my car”.
“We believed that he was stealing.”

He said as they approached the man he started running away but they quickly caught him after he tripped.
They beat him with belts until he told them that he was looking for a battery to start his car.
“I asked him why he didn’t ask for permission and he said nothing. We them decided to take him to the police.”
He said the suspect then escaped and jumped into a nearby yard and disappeared.
When they got back to the bar they found Koelane now parked next to Mathunya’s car.
Mathunya said Koelane then told them that the suspect was travelling with a man in a bakkie parked at the same bar.
“We went to that bakkie and found a man in the car. We said he must accompany us to the police so that he can identify the suspect. He agreed.”
“Koelane, Thaki and the man (Molikeng) then got into Koelane’s car to drive to the police station. I got into my car and was about to start when I heard what sounded like gunshots coming from Koelane’s car.”

“After a short while I saw the doors to Koelane’s car opening.”
He said he rushed to the bar where he met a man who told him that there were two police officers.
But when he tried to approach them the police officers allegedly told him to report to Mabote Police Station.
Now accompanied by other people, Mathunya went back to Koelane’s car.
“Thaki was no longer in the car but Koelane was slumped on the steering wheel. One of the people there, I think his name is Chaka, suggested that we take Koelane to hospital.”
“Chaka was driving. I was also in the car. But before we could go far the car stopped because it was out of petrol. It was at that time that we realised that Koelane was dead. I still didn’t know where Thaki was. ”

Mathunya said the police officers in the bar told him to report the matter at Mabote Police Station.
“When I got to the police station I found a police officer with another man. As I narrated what had happened the police officer said I am lying. He said the man (Nati) with him in the room is the one who had shot my friends and he had told him the truth.”
He said he recalled that this was the same man who had been in Koelane’s car.
Mathunya said some police officers later collected the gun from Molikeng.

“All this time Molikeng did not seem like he was under arrest and was actually allowed to speak on the phone in the corridor.”
Mathunya then accompanied the police back to Salang Bar where they found Thaki dead. He said those trying to link the incident to politics are wrong.
“I hustle for myself and I do not run after politics,” Mathunya said, adding that his two friends never wanted to abduct Molikeng as suggested by some.
He said the man who was pulling a battery from his car was a “well known thief in the area”.
“Those who know him say he is well known for stealing cars and dabbling into other criminal activities.”
Mathunya was summoned by the police on Monday to give a statement.
Senior Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli, the police spokesperson, said the murder suspect is still in custody as investigations continue. Molikeng was a bodyguard to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Temeki Tšolo, until he was fired two months ago.
He claimed he was fired for political reasons but Minister Tšolo said he was dismissed for misconduct.

Nkheli Liphoto


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