Ambassador calls PS a drunkard

Ambassador calls PS a drunkard

…says she is an inept gossip

MASERU – TEMPERS flared during a hearing of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Monday when Ambassador Lineo Molise-Mabusela called Foreign Affairs principal secretary a drunkard.
The fuming Molise-Mabusela, Lesotho’s chief diplomat in Italy, had been called to answer allegations that her husband wrecked the mission’s car in an accident.

As she answered questions from MPs, Molise-Mabusela accusing her boss ’Mamonyane Bohloko of performing professional duties while drunk and messing up embassies.
“Madam PS is not working well because she is gossiping and is a drunkard,” Molise-Mabusela said.
Incensed by the attack, Bohloko rose to her feet and asked the committee chairman, Selibe Mochoboroane, to stop Molise-Mabusela “because she has insulted me enough”.

“She has insulted me a lot on the social media, so she cannot continue in front of me,” Bohloko said.
Bohloko said she once wrote her a letter and quickly leaked it.
“Even before I could give the letter to any one, that same letter was on the social media and Mabusela was insulting me. I did not say anything,” she said.

The committee had heard that Molise-Mabusela’s official car in Italy was involved in an accident last year while being driven by her husband.
The committee wanted Bohloko to shed light on the matter.
Bohloko said she did not have all the information on her but informed the committee that the car seemed to be used by Molise-Mabusela’s husband.
She told the committee that her ministry was working to establish the facts.
Molise-Mabusela denied that her husband was driving the car at the time of the accident.

She said her Italian driver hired by the government of Lesotho was the one authorised to drive the car for the ambassador.
Molise-Mabusela provided the committee with documents, including a police report, to support her version of events. The documents showed a signature purportedly of the driver.
Molise-Mabusela accused Bohloko of being a gossiper, claiming that the principal secretary once spread rumours that she had a love affair with a Zimbabwean diplomat in Italy.

“She works with third secretaries not the ambassadors in the foreign missions and she is gossiping with them,” Molise- Mabusela said.
She claimed that Bohloko has done the same to the embassies in London and India respectively.
Describing Bohloko as a trouble-maker, Molise-Mabusela accused the top bureaucrat of causing conflicts amongst staff in foreign missions.
“She misuses the third secretaries to get information or everything happening in the missions. She works with them instead of working directly with the ambassadors,” she said.

Under Bohloko, local staff and those in the foreign missions were getting their salaries late, claimed Molise-Mabusela, adding that this did not happen during the time of Bohloko’s predecessors. Rent is also usually paid late, Molise-Mabusela said,.
She stared directly at Bohloko as she spoke. The principal secretary shook her head but Bohloko was not done.

She said she remembers a day when Bohloko called her a drunkard.
“I could hear the noise at the background of her voice and she was drunk,” Molise-Mabusela said.
Bohloko could not stand the barrage anymore and lost her temper.
She interrupted Mabusela mid-sentence and demanded that the committee stops her from continuing with the allegations.

The committee demanded to know what triggered the tension between Bohloko and Molise-Mabusela.
Bohloko responded that some diplomats resented her for trying to change the work culture in the ministry.
“I tried to communicate with the ambassadors about the tuition fees that the government pays for their kids. That fee also includes buying their uniform and their lunch boxes,” Bohloko said.
Bohloko said the ambassadors were angry that she had raised the issue.
“The ambassadors’ children use a lot of money while there are people out there who do not have even a cent. We have taken all the responsibility to take their kids to school,” she said.
She said she would not budge from pointing out misuse of government funds.
“So I will not shut up if the ambassadors are misusing the funds for this government so that they can love me,” Bohloko said.

Bohloko said Molise-Mabusela once used King Letsie III’s name to collect donations yet the money did not reach the family of His Majesty.
In response, Molise-Mabusela said she collected the donations for orphanages and the money was sent to ’Mamakhooa Patricia Makgothi.
The committee was stunned to learn that Molise-Mabusela was collecting money in the name of Lesotho for individuals.
Molise-Mabusela said she gave the money to Makgothi so that she could help people in her constituency.

She said Makgothi was not the only person she gave money.
She said even former Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili was once a beneficiary after she gave him money to help people in his constituency affected by snow.
An orphanage run by Deputy Prime Minister Monyane Moleleki called Lesiba also received money from her, said Molise-Mabusela.

The committee said it was wrong for Molise-Mabusela to ask for the donations on behalf of individuals.
“That money should be for the orphanages not for people who are helping their constituencies,” Mochoboroane said.
The committee encouraged the two to go and make peace with each other.

Thooe Ramolibeli

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