Deep hair cuts

Deep hair cuts

MASERU – FACED with declining revenues Dr Moeketsi Majoro has reached for sharp scissors to trim government expenditure.
His main target is the government wage bill that has been galloping in recent years. So in the next financial year all new posts will be frozen and voluntary retirement will be introduced.

For the past few months Majoro has been looking for more things to prune. Below are some of the areas he has targeted for cuts:
l International travel has been curtailed to levels below the allocations in 2017/18. There will be no virements into International Travel and Subsistence votes.

Ministers will submit to the Rt Honourable the Prime Minister for approval all trips for the full year that shall fit within the reduced budget
l Transparency in the procurement of airline tickets including on commissions will be introduced and framework contracts will be signed with airline agencies. Details of this new approach will be communicated during the month of March

l International training will be significantly curtailed and key competencies will be provided by a reformed LIPAM
l Price caps on common goods procured by Government will be introduced

l Revenue retention by Parastatals will be reviewed with a view to submitting surpluses to the consolidated fund
l The Government fleet will be rationalised, while also transferring their supply to Basotho

l Subscriptions to international organisations will be rationalised, retaining memberships to only critical ones
l The Contributory Pension Scheme will be reviewed with a view to contain the cost overruns and costly decisions of the past
l On the wage bill management, Government will continue its efforts to remove ghost workers, freeze new positions and limit hiring to critical positions only, link notch increases to performance, and introduce voluntary retirement;

l Government will also explore the feasibility of introducing liability insurance for each vehicle registered. This measure will extend automotive insurance to loss of property and will protect all the parties involved in the accident. Government will be in a position to claim for damage to street lights and guardrails.

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