Fresh twist to Motšomotšo murder

Fresh twist to Motšomotšo murder

MASERU – TEN soldiers have been lined up as key witnesses to provide details into how Lieutenant General Khoantle Motšomotšo was killed. Among them are officers who were Lt Gen Motšomotšo’s bodyguards.

Some were stationed outside the commander’s office block. They will be the prosecution’s witnesses in the Court Martial trial of three senior officers accused of planning the alleged mutiny that led to the commander’s assassination on September 5. Their trial will start tomorrow.
Sitting in the dock to answer charges of munity will be Major Pitso Ramoepane, Captain Boiketsiso Fonane and Captain Litekanyo Nyakane.
The trio is also facing more charges in the High Court.

thepost this week managed to get hold of the testimonies the ten soldiers have submitted to investigators that will be used by the prosecution in the trial.
Some of the statements are from the soldiers who saw or met Brigadier Bulane Sechele and Colonel Tefo Hashatsi before they entered Lt Gen Motšomotšo’s office.

Some saw them scampering the commander’s office after they had allegedly shot him. Although none of the witnesses claim to have been in the office when the commander was killed, their testimonies help paint a picture of what could have happened.
Perhaps the most interesting of the statement comes from Lance Corporal Mohoho who was a member of Lt Gen Motšomotšo’s escort.

Lance Corporal Mohoho tells how Brigadier Sechele, Colonel Hashatsi and Major Ramoepane had waited in the boardroom while the commander finished a meeting. He says after a few minutes Brigadier Sechele and Colonel Hashatsi came out of the boardroom and hurried to the commander’s officer.
But he says before they could enter, the officer, a Sergeant Seitlheko, warned them that the commander had a visitor. It would appear from the statement that Major Ramoepane remained in the boardroom.
Lance Corporal Mohoho says Brigadier Sechele’s reply to Sergeant Seitlheko’s warning was to insist that the commander had called them. He says he noticed that there was no gun in Brigadier’s Sechele’s holster and he did not have a phone.

“Colonel Hashatsi was without a weapon though I noticed that there was a mobile phone in his hand”.
He says Colonel Hashatsi handed the phone to him before he entered the commander’s office. So far, the official story has been there was another officer in the office when the commander was killed.

Lance Corporal Mohoho’s statement however seems to suggest there were two other officers apart from Brigadier Sechele and Colonel Hashatsi.
He says after Brigadier Sechele and Colonel Hashatsi entered the office, Sergeant Seitlheko went to Lt Col Ndleleni’s office.
Lt Col Ndleleni then went into the commander’s office.

“I remained with doubt when I noticed that movement to the commander’s office,” Lance Corporal Mohoho says.
“I decided to observe this moment from the CCTV room. I heard the gun sound from the office and took the position facing the Commander’s office door and see what will appear from the door.”

“Lt Col Ndleleni appeared from the main door shouting it is Sechele (“Ke Sechele”). I warned him to move away so I could engage them.”
But Brig (Sechele) and Col (Hashatsi) ran out followed by ‘M’e Palesa Mohamo who fell on the ground when I was firing at the two.
In his statement, Corporal Sebolai says as he rushed into the building he saw Brigadier Sechele falling at the door.
He says Col Hashatsi jumped over Brig. Sechele shouting: “It is not me who has shot, it is Brigadier Sechele”.
He says he shot Col Hashatsi at the back and he fell on the ground.

“I do not know how Maj. Ramoepane went out because things were happening quickly,” he said.
Another revealing statement comes from Major Linale who arrested Capt. Nyakane.
He said when he searched Capt. Nyakane’s car which was parked at the Military Intelligence offices he found a 9mm pistol, 9mm rounds, two 9mm loaded magazines, one MP5 rifle with six loaded magazines, 132 rounds of MP5, and two hand grenades.
The ammunition belongs to the army.
There were also three cellphones, a torch, three sunglasses, a pair of balaclava and two rolls of bandages.

Majara Molupe

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