From the CEO’s Desk

From the CEO’s Desk

ON March 8 the world will celebrate the International Women’s Day.
Storm Mountain Diamonds (SMD) has taken great steps into recognising the natural abilities of women that make them unique and excel in their respective workplaces.

For the next few weeks SMD will celebrate this day by telling the stories of its success in empowering women.
We passionately believe that the empowerment of women should be the responsibility of every corporate citizen, especially in these difficult days in which women suffer all kinds of abuse: verbal, emotional, physical, psychological, financial and spiritual.

SMD is leading the battle to change the perception that there are some jobs for women and others for men. We have refused to conform to the stereotypes because we believe they are precisely what keeps us from achieving the noble goal of empowering women.
We don’t claim to have achieved gender balance but we believe we are making significant strides towards that target. At SMD four of the nine most senior managers are women.

We have ladies in technical and engineering positions such as metallurgists, geologists and mining engineers. These accomplished and distinguished ladies are the pride of SMD and role models to future generations.

They have gone against all odds in a male-dominated mining industry to contribute significantly in building a marginal mine in a difficult environment and pursue their careers in engineering and technical fields. As we celebrate this day we appreciate their contribution and value their knowledge.

We celebrate the fact that they have realised their strengths and abilities to contribute to the success of Kao Mine.
They are a living testimony that a society is indeed far better when women are treated with respect and given equal opportunities.
In the past years, women were confined to the home where household chores were their only area of work. For the next few weeks or so SMD will tell stories showing that things are changing fast.

These are stories of how society can be transformed if we educate, respect, appreciate, love and care for women.
We congratulate these accomplished ladies who have reached greater heights and continue inspiring young ladies to focus on building their careers.

It is because of women like them that young ladies will know that everything is possible if they work hard and remain resilient.
To men who continue to abuse and marginalise women, we say: yours is terrible behaviour that has no place in a new world. You are taking giant steps backwards when the world is marching forward.
Yet it is not too late to change your ways.

The world is a lot better when everyone knows that they don’t have to live in fear of being abused and they are aware that they have the potential to reach their goals without any hindrance. It is the primary responsibility bestowed by God on every man to appreciate, protect and treat women with respect, dignity and love.

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