Go well, sweet mother!

Go well, sweet mother!

ROMA-Chieftainess Mabela Seeiso Maama, who died of Covid-19-related complications on February 5, has been described as a firm, frank and fair character by his fellow chiefs in the Senate.
Chieftainess Maama died at Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital. She was 72.

The chiefs said the death of Chieftainess Maama, who was the principal chief of Roma, Ha-Maama, had left a void that shall never be truly filled in the family of chiefs in Lesotho.
A sweet but fearless mother who always ensured the welfare of her people, a loyal servant that always ensured that their needs were timeously addressed, and a matriarch that always ensured that the countenance of His Majesty the King Letsie III was respected is no longer with us the walking living; she rests in the higher council beyond with her people.

The orphans she ensured were well taken care of in her lifetime are mourning, her fellow chiefs in the Senate will miss her presence, and the people she came across in her lifetime shall sorely miss her sweet but honestly confrontational character. Chieftainess Mabela Seeiso Maama is a figure whose life can be recounted with a thousand books, but the modesty with which she interacted with anyone and everyone that came across her in her lifetime is a book enough to honour this matriarch from Roma, Ha-Maama, who was faithful to her role until her final day.

She was described by her fellow chiefs as a woman of her own mind, willing to flesh out issues to the point where amicable resolutions could be reached for the benefit of the people and the nation of Basotho.
Principal Chief Joel Motšoene of Leribe described Chieftainess Mabela Maama as a figure that was firm in her views when it came to discussions on issues that affected the people.

A leader that believed in fleshing out issues, she was never one to be reluctant in presenting her opinion when salient issues pertaining to the governance of the people had to be put on the table for discussion.
He acknowledged her as a figure that was a peace-maker but also a figure that never refrained from arguments for the sake of and benefit of the people her class of chiefs had to lead for the progress of the Kingdom of Lesotho.

A firm believer in the potential of youth in aiding the kingdom’s progress into the future, ‘Me Morena Mabela yearned for the strengthening of the education system to the point where Basotho children would leave tertiary institutions as self-sufficient individuals upon their graduation, he said.
Her biggest worry was that there were high levels of unemployment among the graduate class, and this in her opinion needed an educational policy that fostered a spirit of entrepreneurship in the learners.

Her belief was also that political stability should be pursued at all costs to curb the polarisation politics had instilled in the Basotho nation.
Her biggest worry was that political differences posed the potential danger of hampering the progress of Lesotho as a state and the vital issues that are concomitant to the process of governance.
A modest figure, ‘Me Mabela was highly prudent in her outlook on Lesotho’s future, a quality that earned her the respect of her largely male chieftainship class, Chief Joel Motšoene said.

Chief Lerotholi Seeiso of Likhoele, Mafeteng, remembers Chieftainess Mabela Maama as a fair, firm and frank figure who was the beacon of hope in the circle of chiefs where she was a full-time member until her death on February 5.
A light not only to governance but also to her people, Chieftainess Mabela Maama believed in a servant and a protector of the people under her rule and those that came from other parts of the kingdom.

Her love for her people ran deep to the point of servitude, for it was her credo that a chief is the servant of the people.
She was not one to back off from an argument if it meant that an issue had to be understood for the sake of the welfare of the citizens of Lesotho.
The Chieftainship Act of 1968 remained her guide in all the years of her reign, cementing her as a ruler that was just and who dealt with disputes without partiality, always following the tenets of the laws of the kingdom to the letter in her dealing with matters that came to her court.

Like a mantra, she always insisted in her words that the chieftainship was there to serve the people and not there to serve its own ends, Chief Lerotholi said.
One of her subjects at Ha-Maama remembers her as a mother hen that knew and catered for the needs of the vulnerable in her area.
She knew every orphan and vulnerable person by name and would always ensure their needs were taken care of. She always dealt with matters of gender-based violence, vulnerable people and family disputes in person, walking long-distances to deal with issues despite her poor health.

A woman for all seasons, she is remembered as a sweet but firm mother that always confronted issues pertaining to her people and the children head on.
She was not fearful but was strong as a matriarch. That is how her people will remember her.

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