Herdboy pushed  down cliff to his death

Herdboy pushed down cliff to his death

MASERU – A 27-year-old Quthing man died after he was allegedly pushed down a precipice by two men during the festive holidays.
Taba Mpuse’s killers allegedly confessed during an interrogation by the police at Mphaki police station in Quthing.

The killer confessed that the initial plot to murder Mpuse involved five other local men. He said four of the men however developed cold feet and pulled out of the plot.

He allegedly told the police that after the four men withdrew from the plot he was left with one man with whom he committed the crime.
He said they waylaid Mpuse and threw him down a precipice in Thaba-Kholo where the man crashed to his death.

Mpuse was a herdman for Moabi Motlohi and was rearing his master’s sheep and a donkey when the six men ambushed him.
Motlohi told thepost yesterday that Mpuse was taking the animals to his cattle post.

Motlohi said the man who surrendered himself to the police said they had planned that they would say Mpuse had stolen the animals he was driving, a false charge to justify their dastardly act.
They tied his hands behind and as they were planning on how they were going to kill him, four of them suddenly reneged on the plan and withdrew.

The remaining two, the one who surrendered to the police and another man, took him to the Thaba-Kholo cliffs where they pushed him down the cliff.
This happened in a village called Ha-Tekane in Malefane’s.
Motlohi’s cattle post is in Letlapeng, some kilometres from the village.
“We still don’t know what the motive of killing him was,” Motlohi said.

“We are also still waiting for the police to call other suspects who were part of the plan so that we can understand the motive,” he said.
Motlohi said Mpuse was killed while preparing to marry a girl whom he had impregnated.

As if that was not enough, four days later another of Motlohi’s herdmen was found hanging by the neck in the cattle post’s hut, dead.
He was hanging from the roof of the hut.
Motlohi says it was not yet known if the incident was a suicide or a murder case.

“All of this (happened within) a few days. It has been a bad festive season for me because I have lost two great helpers,” Motlohi told thepost.
Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli last night said he had not received any report from Ha-Sekake police or Mphaki police stations.

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