Hloaele answers

Hloaele answers

There are howls of protest from the public about your perceived purpose for registering a company, what is your view on that?

We have made a resolution that Chalane is the one who will be our spokesman. He is the one to respond to any questions about our company. But it is true that we have formed a company. We have just registered it. And it is going to survive.

What is the motive of registering the company?

I have delayed to venture into farming. Farming has potential to create job opportunities for Basotho nation. It is one of the pillars of the economy. We are unable to feed ourselves as a nation. And this has been a trend over the years.

Can’t you see any conflict of interest in this matter?

There is no conflict of interest here. Where can you see it? If we take our animals to Meraka like other farmers where do we have a conflict of interest, unless you can show it?

What came first, an idea to register company or an idea to change policies?

Like I said, I have delayed to venture into farming. I would have started a long time ago.
Why are you involved as ministers?

I do not see what the difference here is. If we are the ministers what could prevent us from registering a company?

Majara Molupe

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