Koro-Koro refuses to back down on Mahao

Koro-Koro refuses to back down on Mahao

MASERU – A DEFIANT All Basotho Basotho Convention (ABC) chairman for Koro-koro constituency Phohleli Phohleli says his committee is rallying behind Professor Nqosa Mahao in the forthcoming National Executive Committee (NEC) elections.
The hotly contested election is scheduled to take place in early February.

The Koro-koro constituency committee was however suspended late last month for backing Mahao. The committee has however refused to back down.
Speaking at a political rally on Sunday in Koro-koro, Phohleli described the decision to rally behind Prof Mahao as “collective”.

Phohleli argued that the suspension of the entire constituency committee by the party’s National Executive Committee did not stipulate a timeframe.
The party’s secretary-general Samonyane Ntsekele in a letter dated December 31, 2018 said the committee was suspended for going against a decision of the ABC NEC when it blocked Mahao.
“We were suspended for an unspecified time but all we want is to take part in NEC elections with Prof Mahao as our candidate,” he said.

Phohleli reiterated the committee’s support for party leader and Prime Minister Thomas Thabane, and flatly denied allegations that they intend to dethrone him.
The secretary-general for Koro-koro constituency Makalo Mohlapi accused ABC youth league spokesman Mphonyane Lebesa of fighting the constituency.
“He is yet to know us better,” he said.

Mohlapi also accused officials from Tsikoane constituency of fighting politicians from Koro-koro constituency.
“They should first look at the statistics and compare the numbers that have voted the ABC into power in Koro-koro and Tsikoane then they will start to show some respect,” Mohlapi said.
“Re’a tseba re mo khethile a khants’a chelete.” This loosely translated means “they elected him to be the party’s secretary-general because he paid a bribe”.
He warned the ABC youth league to know its place in the party.

“They now hire and fire, we are looking at you boys,” he said.
Lebesa described the Koro-koro constituency politicians as jokers.
“I do not even want to entertain them, they were bored and wanted something to have fun with,” he said.

Thaba Bosiu MP, Thabo Sofonea, who attended the rally, said politicians from his area supported the Koro-koro committee because they were neighbours.
“We came here to share your problems with you,” he said.
Sofonea said it is important to ensure that the contention over the NEC elections does not split the party.

He claimed he was interested in contesting the elections but his name was inexplicably left out on a recently published list.
“I asked them why I was not appearing on the list and they did not have a valid reason,” he said.
The visibly irritated Sofonea said people are promised jobs for supporting politicians.

“You are ministers because of us, even after elections we will still need each other,” he said.
When contacted for comment, Ntsekele said: “I do not really want to comment much because I respect them but they should do the same because if they do not, I will be angry with them and they will not even feel comfortable with what I will say.”The differences within the ABC saw the party’s committee in Koro-koro instituting an urgent civil case in the High Court challenging the suspension of the committee.

Nkheli Liphoto

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