’Maesaiah chased

’Maesaiah chased

MASERU-FORMER First Lady ’Maesaiah Thabane was involved in a high speed chase while coming from a friend’s birthday party on Tuesday night.
It is not clear if her pursuers wanted to harm or hijack her.
Lockdown regulations prohibit large gatherings at parties, funerals and weddings.

Last night Maesaiah told thepost that the incident left her shaken.
’Maesaiah was driving a Ford Ranger bearing a temporary number plate.
She said she was driving with four other women from Khubetsoana.
She said they dropped off another woman in Ha-Thamae and were about to head to her Makhoakhoeng home when she noticed a white Mercedes Benz parked behind her.

“I thought I had blocked the car and I moved a little bit,” ’Maesaiah said.
She said she noticed the same car pursuing them.
’Maesaiah said as she approached the speed humps at Lekhaloaneng the same car came speeding towards her. The car drove to her side as it wanted to ram her off the road.

When she slowed down the car did the same. The same happened when she increased speed.
“That’s when I began to understand that something was amiss,” she said.
Maesaiah said she then called soldiers guarding her house to come and help her. The soldiers advised her to use a different route home.
“I am not sure if it was a man in the car or not,” ’Maesaiah said, adding that she is sure that she was being chased.

She said the driver was flicking lights as if to say she should stop.
“What saved me was a car that came between us because that is the last time I saw the white Mercedes Benz. The soldiers met her along the way.
Asked if she reported the matter to the police, ’Maesaiah said she did not because “there is a senior officer there who always pokes his nose in my affairs”.

“There is a top cop there who makes himself a spokesman of the police,” she said.
She appeared to be referring to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Paseka Mokete who arrested and charged her for the June 2017 murder of Lepolelo Thabane.

“So, I was wondering if there would be any fairness in my case if I report.”

Majara Molupe

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