Mahao attacks Majoro

Mahao attacks Majoro

MASERU-Professor Nqosa Mahao last night launched a blistering attack on Finance Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro who he accused playing dirty political games to get ahead in politics.
Professor Mahao said Dr Majoro was behind the plan to block him from contesting for the post of deputy leader of the All Basotho Convention (ABC).

Other candidates for the position are ABC chairman Motlohi Maliehe and Public Works Minister Prince Maliehe who is the incumbent
Professor Mahao was speaking whilst waiting for Acting Chief Justice ‘Maseforo Mahase to hear the case between the ABC NEC and the Koro-koro constituency.

The constituency has been in a bruising legal battle to get him onto the ballot.
Last night Justice Mahase upheld an objection by the ABC lawyers to the Koro-koro constituency’s application for an order to postpone the elective conference until the case is finalised.
She made the ruling after the court had adjourned for several hours. She said there was still time to hear the case today.

Professor Mahao said Dr Majoro is working with senior officials in the national executive to sabotage him.
“It’s a well-orchestrated plot to destroy me so that I don’t contest the elections,” Professor Mahao said as he waited the court’s ruling on whether the elective conference should be postponed to allow for his case to be finalized.
“Their logic is that if they knock me out of the race they can run over the other two Maliehes. I am the treat that should be removed.”

He said the whole system has been is working against him.
“They have unleashed the whole system on me.”
The professor said events over the past few weeks have shown that “our institutions have collapsed”.
“You can see a collapse in the leadership. You see the collapse in the judiciary.”

He however said he was not intimidated because those against him “are fighting against the people”.
“They have been rejected by the people. The people are telling them that they don’t want them. Everywhere they are going they are being rejected.”
“Public anger is rising with every terrible decision they work.”

The fight against him, he said, indicates that the politics of this country is flawed.
The professor also said Justice Mahase’s conduct indicates that there are certain forces were at work.
He said he wondered why the judge was insisting on waiting until Thursday to make the ruling on the request that the ABC elective conference set for February one should be postponed pending the finalization of the case.

The game plan, he said, “seems to be to delay the ruling so that we don’t have an opportunity to appeal her ruling in the Court of Appeal whose session ends tomorrow”.
“Without an appeal the conference would go ahead.”

Meanwhile there drama in the High Court on Tuesday as irate ABC activists reacted angrily to the Justice Mahase’s decision to postpone the case to Wednesday.
The judge said she wanted more time to read the submissions.
This was after the Court of Appeal had ordered the High Court to decide the case on merit.
The Koro-Koro constituency which is backing Professor Mahao’s candidature had appealed against the High Court’s earlier judgement to dismiss its case on points of law.

“Why this judge is wasting our time like this?” bellowed one man.
“She is interested. She doesn’t want the case heard and she is buying time,” answered another.
There were more angry shouts from the gallery even as the judge called for order.
“This is my court,” she tried but they kept shouting.

“I will definitely call the matter in camera, don’t push me to that. There is order to be followed in court, this is my court and you will do as I want. Even the counsel themselves don’t behave the way you are trying to do,” she said.
“I will end up hearing this case in camera because of your misbehaviour.”
Still they did not listen to her.

A police officer who was in the courtroom did not do anything to silence them.
Calm only returned when the lawyers for both parties told the crowd to respect the judge and her court.
“I sincerely want to see the finalisation of this case but at the same time I really need to read the submissions,” she said.

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