Mahao guns for ABC  deputy  leader’s post

Mahao guns for ABC deputy leader’s post

MASERU – THE National University of Lesotho (NUL) Vice-Chancellor Professor Nqosa Mahao says he will next year run for the position of deputy leader of the All Basotho Convention (ABC) party. Mahao made the announcement at a rally in Koro-Koro constituency last weekend.
The position of deputy leader within the ABC is currently held by Public Works Minister Prince Maliehe who was catapulted to the position of deputy leader by the party’s national executive committee in a bid to contain potential fissures within the party.

The party’s elective conference will be held in February next year.
Maliehe told a local weekly that he was a compromise candidate for the position to prevent potential instability in the party.
At the time of his appointment, the gloves were off between leading contenders, Finance Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro and Prof Mahao.
Majoro is a respected economist while Mahao is a seasoned academic.
Maliehe said he was appointed as a “unifying figure” after realising that jockeying for the post had the potential to create instability in the party.
Maliehe is also expected to contest for the position.

Mahao said he knows that he will contest against other strong party members.
“The fact that we are competing should not turn us into enemies, let us build unity in this party,” he added.
He cautioned that the nation will be divided if ABC members are discriminating against one another.
“We have to start in our party so that the nation at large can learn from our example,” Mahao said.

He said the charges by politicians that since water and oil cannot mix, so do people with different political views cannot unite, is not true.
“King Moshoeshoe bound us together and we became one,” Mahao said.
He also appealed to ABC members to restore hope of Basotho back to the ABC as a political party.

“This thing of chasing Metsing (former deputy premier) whenever we are in government should come to an end. Basotho voted for the government they want,” Mahao said.
He said his wish is to come back with victory after the February 2 NEC elections.

“We should reach every constituency and I believe we will win after the February elections,” he said.
“My wish now is that we resolve our conflicts as All Basotho Convention party,” he added.
He said the community of Koro-Koro should not agree with the opposition proposed Government of National Unity or Truth and Reconciliation Committee that seeks to shield criminals from prosecution.

“(Mothetjoa) Metsing should go to courts of law to account,” he said.
The Lesotho Congress for Democracy leader is facing a litany of cases within the courts ranging from fraud to conspiracy to murder.
Mahao said the truth and reconciliation talks do not take into consideration the victims’ physical and emotional sufferings.

“We all remember that soldiers were taken to Setibing and tortured badly. Do we really think there will be forgiveness?” he asked.
He said if justice is not served, victims or their children will turn into criminals as they seek revenge.

Mahao said those who are calling for a Government of National Unity just want to be in government so that “they squander Basotho’s funds”.
He said what will rescue the country is when ABC rules alone in Lesotho, without forming any coalition with other parties.
Although party leader, Prime Minister Thomas Thabane, now 79, is not going to be challenged whoever becomes his deputy will have a bigger advantage in the race to succeed him.
Thabane is widely expected not to contest in the next national election in 2022 when he will be 83 and there are people who think having reached the twilight of his political career, the leader is ready to pass on the baton.

Thabane is on record as saying the ABC must start looking for ideal candidates to fill senior positions in the party.
The Mosalemane MP Sam Rapapa, ABC stalwart Sello Maphalla and secretary general Samonyane Ntsekele are also expected to fight for the position of deputy leader.
Other faces in the race for the party’s treasurer are the Stadium Area MP Mokherane Tsatsanyane, Matsieng MP ’Matšepo Ramakoae and Khubetsoana MP Likopo Mahase.

Nkheli Liphoto

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