‘Majoro must consult party’

‘Majoro must consult party’

THE All Basotho Convention (ABC) party is currently enmeshed in a bitter internal fight as hawks within the party position themselves to oust Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro. Those against Majoro want the Prime Minister out immediately. Former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane has thrown his weight behind this push to oust Majoro.

But Majoro has his sympathisers within the party who are fighting tooth and nail in his corner. The result is a deadlock as the party has been split into two bitter factions. This week, thepost spoke to the ABC’s spokesman, Montoeli Masoetsa, about these challenges and below are excerpts from that interview.

It is said that you are unhappy with the Prime Minister’s decisions of late, especially last week’s reshuffle.
We had a meeting as the ABC national executive committee on Monday and we have declared that he (Majoro) has all powers given to him by the constitution to run the government. We do not have any problem with that. But what we are against is when he makes decisions, major decisions, without consulting the ABC leadership.

In principle, he must make the national executive committee aware of what he is planning. He has to understand that this coalition government is made up of different parties that we have agreements with. He seems to have forgotten that. When he makes any decision about a leader of a party that is in the coalition with us, he has to alert us so that we sit down with that party and talk. His approach is wrong in this regard.

What should happen when the Prime Minister in his oversight duty feels that he has to reshuffle a coalition partner?
Whether he does that or he takes the partner anywhere, he has to consult the party first. He belongs to this party and he has to show respect to it. We know he is the Prime Minister but he did not just become one without the party. He owes it to this party. That is our only concern.
So, your today’s meeting decided to remove him because he does not consult the ABC executive committee?

No, the discussions were never completed. We did not finish the discussions because of other things. We agreed that the secretary general will call us again within seven days to tell us when we should meet again. We did not reach any agreement to remove the Prime Minister.
You did not finish your talks because you fought. Is that right?
It is a lie that people fought. There was nothing like that. What is true is that some people were unhappy and as in any organisation where people do not see eye-to-eye there was bound to be some commotion. But there was no fighting. In fact, the meeting was stopped to avoid that.

Have you as the ABC executive committee ever approached the Prime Minister about your concerns?
Many times. We gave him a structure he has to work with, a working committee, with good intentions so that we can always be on the same page with him. He does not work with us, he does not work with the people given to him by the ABC to work with. We are the committee that was mandated by the ABC to ensure that the government they elected serves their interests but he does not work with us.

So, what do you think should be the solution to your problems with the Prime Minister?
The talks are still on-going. When the secretary general has called us within seven days as I have indicated and we have met to discuss this issue further, the answer will come from there.
What will you do if he still continues to disregard you as the ABC committee?

He is a member of the ABC and the ABC members through their established structures will decide what to do. There are many avenues that can be taken but it is up to the ABC to decide which one to take.
Do you want him removed?

That is the question that will be answered by the ABC through its structures. The talks that will continue at the time that will be set will answer the question.
The ABC is split into two factions over this issue and dangerously so.
Some say we are split. It’s just that we do not agree on certain things, just that.

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