Metsing in adultery storm

Metsing in adultery storm

MASERU – MASERU Town Clerk ’Mantai Phaila had an affair with former Deputy Prime Minister Mothetjoa Metsing, a judge in a divorce case heard on Tuesday. The stunning allegation was made by Phaila’s husband, Sefiri Phaila, during the divorce hearing. However, ’Mantai, who has filed for divorce, flatly rejected the allegation as false.

Last night thepost tried to seek comment from her but she said she preferred not to speak.  This paper also called Metsing 18 times but he did not answer. Sefiri Phaila told Justice ’Maseshophe Hlajoane that his wife admitted before a church priest that she was in a relationship with Metsing.
Sefiri said he had invited the priest to mediate.

’Mantai has asked the court to grant her a divorce decree claiming that Sefiri has intimate relationships with women, one of whom is a family friend.
She alleges that Sefiri used to spend long hours of the night texting intimate messages with his three lovers. She said Sefiri exchanged pornographic photos with the women through WhatsApp.

’Mantai told the court that she had not shared the matrimonial bed with her husband since October 2013 when he accused her of having an affair with Metsing. She claims he only returned to the bedroom after his mother’s intervention.

She said Sefiri later left the family home. In his response to these accusations, Sefiri told the court that it is the wife who had an affair with Metsing.
He said the affairs briefly stopped but later resumed.
“My wife admitted that she was in a relationship with the former Deputy Prime Minister Metsing,” Sefiri said.
“My suspicion was aroused by her telling me several times about her meetings with Metsing.”

“She used to go the gym at Station area but suddenly changed to Lesotho Sun Hotel saying the gym at Station was closed but later told me coincidently she found out that Metsing was using the same gym (Lesotho Sun Gym).”
Sefiri said he went to the hotel to “verify what my wife was saying but found out that indeed my wife was enrolled under the Lesotho Sun gym but did not find out about Metsing that he was training there”.

“I was told he is not working out (training) there but they are often seen eating together at the same hotel,” he said.
She claimed when he returned home he asked his wife about the meetings and meals with Metsing at the hotel but “she seemed hostile and told me to take it in any way I wanted”. She later said Metsing called her and asked her to join him for dinner.
“One day she told me she was going to St James in Mokhotlong for the Holy Saint Ann’s group and she later told me that Metsing was going to Mokhotlong too for his rally,” Sefiri said.
“I later saw many LCD T-shirts in my house which she said were given to her by Metsing and she was going to distribute them to the people in Mokhotlong.”

Sefiri said his wife told him that at the church, during the greeting in Church which is the norm within the Roman Catholic Church, Metsing went down straight to greet her and said she was happy. “Around that time when my suspicion was growing bigger, she started taking international trips.”

“She took a trip to Rwanda and the main aim for the meeting was a tutorial on decentralisation. My wife then told me Metsing was on that trip too and while in Rwanda they went together with Metsing to a place where it was alleged that Mary the Mother of God appeared and they used to chill there frequently with Metsing, the two of them.”

Sefiri said ’Mantai told him that Metsing told her to text her if she found that he was not reachable on his mobile phone.
“My wife could be on a phone from after work till around 11pm but she would go outside every time she was on a phone so that I don’t hear what she was talking about on the phone,” he said.

“I ended up calling the Reverend to mediate and during the mediation my wife admitted to her relationship with Metsing and promised to stop it.”
Sefiri said he was further irked when ’Mantai started helping organise transport for LCD rallies because “I never knew my wife as a political person”.
“She locked me outside at times or at times when I knocked she would say I should not be allowed to come in the house,” he said.
“She even referred to me as a technical husband,” he said. The case continues.

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