Mochoboroane slams trigger-happy police

Mochoboroane slams trigger-happy police

MASERU – THE leader of the opposition Movement for Economic Change (MEC), Selibe Mochoboroane, says Lesotho needs to be rescued from the wrath of a trigger-happy police force.
Mochoboroane said this at a political rally in Ha-Rannakoe in Matelile constituency last Sunday.
He said over 30 people have been killed at the hands of the police over the last few years but unfortunately, no legal action has been taken against those involved.
Mochoboroane, who is also the MP for Thabana-Morena constituency, said what was disappointing was that the government seemed more enthusiastic to arrest soldiers when they violate the law.
“But why are they not doing the same with the police?” he asked.
He said the lack of uniformity in dealing with crimes committed by those from the security services can destabilise the security sector in Lesotho with the soldiers thinking they were being unfairly targeted.

Mochoboroane blamed Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s speech in Parliament last year where he said the police should beat up suspects for the spike in cases of police assaulting suspects.
He said when one is a leader “he should always mind his words because people listen to everything he commands”.
“Those police are now killing Basotho in great numbers,” he said.

Mochoboroane said he had now lost patience with the police for killing suspects.
He said over 30 people had died at the hands of police, leaving widows and orphans with no one to provide for them.
“The killings are bad and we need to condemn them,” he said.

#He said when a leader gets tired he starts disrespecting the people and talks a lot of unacceptable things about the people.
He said aged leaders “need to rest because they are now tired”.
Mochoboroane did not mention the leaders he said were tired.

Thabane turns 81 this year but he has already announced that he will seek a new term as premier. He says he wants to rule until 2027.
His predecessor, Pakalitha Mosisili, is turning 74 in March and he is stepping down from the leadership of his Democratic Congress (DC) party at the end of this month.
Mochoboroane said just like when the current leaders of the government were vocal about the murder of Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) boss Lieutenant General Maaparankoe Mahao, they should continue denouncing the killing of citizens at the hands of the police.

“Why are they not doing the same now? It is not the right thing to do to kill people,” he said.
He said leaders in government had lost control.

“Ministers now insult people including the chiefs and that shows that their fathers did not raise them well,” he added.
He also blamed the Ministry of Education and Training for failing to address teachers’ grievances.
He said instead of addressing the grievances, the ministry was busy writing suspension letters to teachers.
Mochoboroane said that should not happen in a country where there is rule of law.

Teachers have been fighting to improve their conditions of service since last year without much success.
Mochoboroane said the government was sitting on a live cable that could burn at any time.
He said he was proud of the teachers’ decision of not going for a strike while students were writing their final examinations last year.

“Now that exams are over they are asking for their grievances to be addressed and the government is threatening them with suspension letters,” he said.
He said their children’s education is very important to the future of the entire country and that the government should respect teachers and address their grievances.
Government spokesman Nthakeng Selinyane said the government has not ignored the issue of murders committed by the police.
He said the police have since announced that they are working on the cases and everybody should wait for the results of their investigations.

Nkheli Liphoto

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