Mokhosi says fears for life

Mokhosi says fears for life

MASERU – EXILED deputy leader of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD), Tšeliso Mokhosi, says he is now living in fear after South African police raided his house a fortnight ago. Mokhosi told thepost he believes his security has now been seriously compromised after videos and photos of his house were posted on social media.

The South African police raided Mokhosi’s house on December 28, allegedly at the behest of the Lesotho government.
The police said they were looking for arms. Mokhosi said he realised that the police were communicating with some senior government officials in Lesotho during the raid.

He believes the pictures were later sent to some officials in Lesotho, especially in the Ministry of Police.
Mokhosi added that ever since the raid, he has been living in fear. He said when the police stormed his house, they told him they were following his car because it did not have a number plate at the back.

The car’s windows were also tinted, something which the police said was outlawed in South Africa.
He said the police also wanted to know who is sleeping in which room, a question that left him baffled.
“The raid has left me in fear because I believe the searchers were not after my car but had a hidden agenda,” Mokhosi said.
“I am also worried about my safety at night when I have to sleep.”

Mokhosi alleged he had been told by reliable sources that the government of Lesotho wanted him dead.
He said two National Security Services (NSS) agents were spotted near his home and he believes that they had been sent to spot where he stays.
He said two days before Christmas two known Lesotho police officers and one NSS agent were also spotted close to where he lives.
“Those LMPS members were from the Special Operations Unit driving a white Polo VW bearing X 6092 number plate,” Mokhosi said.
Police spokesman Inspector Mpiti Mopeli dismissed Mokhosi’s allegations as unfounded.

Mopeli said Mokhosi, who is facing murder charges over the death of Constable Mokalekale Khetheng and is out on bail, is reporting to the police whenever there is such a need in line with his bail conditions. Mopeli said if the police had any wicked intentions against Mokhosi they would have used the opportunity when he comes to report to them as directed by the court.

Mokhosi reports himself to the Pitso Ground police twice a month.
“I am worried. What does the Lesotho government want from me?” Mokhosi said.
“They sent the police to beat me up mercilessly and I nearly died because of the beatings,” he said.

“The government should tell me what wrong I have done to them so that I could pay them.”
Mokhosi said he is looking forward to his murder trial so that the truth can come out in court.
“I want to be given an opportunity to stand my trial,” he said.

“I am appealing to the Lesotho government to allow me to live longer.”
“I am not a criminal and I will never be one under any circumstances.”
Mokhosi said he has written a letter to SADC and the South African government telling them about his fears over his security at his home of exile.
He said he had asked SADC and the South African government to investigate the reasons behind the raid.

He said he had also informed the station commander in his area about what happened during the raid.
“I am pleased about how the station commander has promised to deal with my case,” he said.
Government spokesman who is also the Communications Minister, Joang Molapo, refuted allegations that the government wants to assassinate Mokhosi.

Molapo said Mokhosi is coming to Lesotho when they need him and therefore his claim that the government wants to kill him is baseless.
Meanwhile, the LCD has issued a scathing statement attacking the government for what the party calls criminal defamation against Mokhosi.
The party said it heard that the Lesotho government told its South African counterpart that Mokhosi could have hidden weapons in his house.

“A person who makes a false statement to any person having control of any official government and register of a public body or private body dealing with member of the public, with intent that false information should be included in such a register, commits an offence,” the LCD quotes the Penal Code.

The LCD said the police should launch criminal investigations against “a person who by print, writing, painting or effing…publish(ed) any defamatory matter concerning” Mokhosi. “We appeal to the Lesotho police to intervene here,” the party says.
“Many people have been charged by the police for contravening this law.”

Majara Molupe

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