Moleleki says Mosisili’s time is up

Moleleki says Mosisili’s time is up

MOHALE’S HOEK  – ALLIANCE of Democrats (AD) leader Monyane Moleleki has appealed to his followers to support opposition candidates in six constituencies in which his party has an alliance with three other parties.

Addressing a rally in Mohale’s Hoek Horserace Ground last Sunday, Moleleki said only by consolidating their support in the six constituencies can they remove Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili and his deputy Mothetjoa Metsing from government

Moleleki said their alliance with the former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s All Basotho Convention (ABC), Thesele ’Maseribane’s Basotho National Party (BNP) and the Reformed Congress of Lesotho (RCL) of Keketso Rantšo “will surely remove Ntate Mosisili from power”.

“Their time is up because they are left with only 19 days as government and this will come true if we support this strategy to consolidate our votes in the selected constituencies,” Moleleki said.

The four parties have agreed to vote for Moleleki in his Machache constituency, Thabane in Abia, ’Maseribane in Mount Moorosi and Rantšo in Taung.
However, the ABC’s Taung constituency committee has complained that they were not satisfied with the arrangement.
The committee said it did not want anyone other than their ABC candidate.

The arrangement is meant to ensure that the four leaders go to parliament through the first past the post electoral model.
On the other hand, they have agreed to consolidate their votes in Mosisili’s Tsoelike and Metsing’s Mahobong.

“Let us work together to end the rule of Pakalitha Mosisili and Mothetjoa Metsing,” Moleleki said, adding that the two leaders have shown the world that they do not care for the welfare of Basotho.

Moleleki said by advising the King to call a snap election, Mosisili showed that he did not care about the amount of money to be spent on election.
Over M240 million is going to be spent on this election.

Close to M800 million will have been spent on elections alone since 2012.
“This amount of money could have been used elsewhere,” Moleleki said.
“I am here to confirm that indeed we have formed a pact.”
“I wanted you to hear this from me.”

He urged people to be loyal to their parties and do as requested. “We do not even have mercy on this, we have to end their governance,” he said.

Moleleki said even if the DC and LCD have formed their alliance to stand in 79 constituencies “we are still going to defeat them”.
A member of the AD in Taung, Mohlanka Matšoele, told thepost that he was ready to vote for Rantšo as the party has arranged.
Matšoele said it is important to do as leaders ask because “we have elected our leaders to make good decisions on our behalf”.

He said as long as doing that will pave the way for the improvement of the constituency “I don’t see any reason why I cannot do it”.
“We want our lives changed for better so I am going to vote for what I believe will change my life,” Matšoele said.

Matšoele said the Taung constituency is struggling to have clean water for household consumption.
“We still fetch water from far places so we need that to change,” he said.

“Also, if we could have electricity we would be satisfied because we really need it,” he said.
“We want the government that will take that into consideration.”

Nyakallo Moeketsi, an AD supporter from Mpharane, said the road to where he lives is very bad.
Moeketsi said they do not even have bridges which makes it hard to go to work or schools when there are heavy rains.
“Above all, our youths do not have jobs and so the government should take that into consideration,” Moeketsi said.

’Makhotso Rakotsoane

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