Molibeli’s ‘mountain’ of charges

Molibeli’s ‘mountain’ of charges

MASERU-SO robust and controversial has been Police Commissioner Holomo Molibeli’s reaction to his suspension that the charges levelled against him have been overshadowed.
At any other time, it could have been Commissioner Molibeli himself parrying serious allegations.
But his reaction and the letters he has made public have diverted attention to Prime Minister Thomas Thabane.

Now what is making headlines is the letter he wrote to Thabane asking why his phone was used to call someone at the murder scene of his wife Lipolelo Thabane.
Yet the commissioner faces serious charges of negligence, dereliction of duty and violating protocol.
The commissioner is accused of failing to investigate how a telephone conversation between an acting minister and a senior police officer was leaked and went viral on social media.
The minister and the officer were discussing the army’s high command.

The letter says the conversation “had and still has the propensity to jeopardise the security of the country after great strides were made to reconcile these institutions (the army and the police)”.
“Despite the seriousness of this matter and your position as security head being expected to be security conscious, you failed or neglected or abdicated your responsibility to make investigations to determine the leakage automatic recording or any tapping of phone calls of security government officials.”

The commissioner is accused of failing to discipline junior officers who allegedly assaulted a senior inspector with rifles when he wanted to lock an Assistant Police Commissioner’s office.
“Again, the investigations were conducted to protect the officer and you appeared to be complicit in this matter which tainted the image of the organisation”.
Perhaps the most potent charge is that the commissioner failed to investigate incidents of police brutality that have led to the death of several people in police detention.
The letter says under Commissioner Molibeli’s commands “the police are now a law into (unto) themselves (sic)”.
“Your attempt to address the situation leaves much to be desired, as it is characterised by selective and discriminatory interdiction and these affects the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation (sic).”

The commissioner is alleged to have violated protocol when he failed to accompany the Prime Minister into the field to greet players and march officials during the match between Lesotho and Nigeria in November last year.
The letter says instead he remained in the Royal Stand.

“This act constitutes gross insubordination and breach of protocol trademark you exhibited in 2015 when you failed to observe protocol and omitted the then Deputy Prime Minister”.
He is also alleged to have blamed the government for failing to deal with the Famo gang wars.
That charge emanates from what he said during an event at the Police Training College.

“The government has reposed the full constitutional and functional responsibility to fight and reduce crime to you and you cannot be heard blaming the same government and/or your employer and this constitutes a breach of trust on an employer-employee relationship (sic).”
In December, the letter says, Commissioner Molibeli told the Commissioners Advisory Board that he and the Police Authority are not “in good speaking terms”.
He is alleged to have said he doesn’t report to the Minister of Police.
“This confession brings inefficiency on your part.”

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