MP attacks minister

MP attacks minister

MASERU-AN MP has accused Energy Minister Mohapi Mohapinyane of removing villages in his constituency from the list of areas to be electrified this year.

Thuso Litjobo, the MP for the Alliance of Democrats (AD), alleges that Mohapinyane removed five villages from his Koro-koro constituency.
He said Mohapinyane then replaced them with five from his Rothe constituency.

Litjobo told thepost yesterday that he was shocked earlier this week when he saw a list of villages to be electrified this financial year and discovered that five villages from Koro-Koro had been removed.
“I personally know that the five villages from Koro-Koro were to be electrified during this financial year and I don’t know why the minister has removed them from his list,” Litjobo said.

Litjobo said parliament allocated the funds and his expectation was that the villages of Mokema, Ha-Ramaqhanyane, Ha-Lihanela, Ha-Ramokotjo and Ha-Khitione would be electrified.
“They were part of villages that would be electrified with the budget for the financial year 2019/20,” he said.

He accused Mohapinyane, who is also the MP for Rothe, of deliberately removing the villages from his list “and all of a sudden five villages from his own constituency will be electrified”.
“I do not believe in coincidences,” he said.
He said he asked for the electrification of the villages during the previous coalition government led by Thomas Thabane, which collapsed four months ago.

He said he was stunned to see the government’s new list of villages that were to be electrified excluding those from his constituency.
“There is not even a single village from my constituency,” he said, adding that he personally worked on the arrangement to have the villages electrified.

What irked Litjobo is that five villages in Mohapinyane’s constituency are now on the list.
“I am still searching for the answers from him,” he said.
“The Koro-Koro community does not owe the government anything but it is the government that owes them services. This is because they have voted.”
“I believe the minister has diverted the funds to villages in his constituency.
“It is my suspicion that he has diverted the funds to his home constituency,” he says.

Litjobo said the villages of ’Mahuu, Ha-Tšukulu, Kanana, Ngope-Tšoeu and Ha-Jimisi which fall under the Rothe constituency are now on the list.
He however says he is not sure if the five villages were covered under the current budget.
Last night Mohapinyane said Litjobo is not even sure about the villages he is talking about. He said the villages Litjobo claims to be in Rothe are actually in other constituencies.

He said Ha-Jimisi is in Qeme constituency while Kanana and Ngope-Tšoeu are in Thaba-Putsoa.
Mohapinyane said he has since asked Litjobo to come with his MP Motebang Koma so that they could together discuss the electrification issue in the constituency.

“He is a politician. He should stop undermining the MP there,” Mohapinyane said.

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