Opposition raps budget

Opposition raps budget

MASERU – Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) leader, Mothetjoa Metsing, says the budget speech presented by Finance Minister Moeketsi Majoro on Tuesday was set against a background of exclusionary politics.
He said as much as he believes that only one political party could rule Lesotho at a time, he also believes that for a budget to be successful it needs the nation to unite.
It needs people to be united and work hand in hand, Metsing said.

He said while people might differ on a lot of issues, but when it comes to the issues affecting the lives of the people, they have to put their interests aside and work for the good of the nation.
“The budget speech is not satisfactory because it has come at a time when the country has a lot of issues to deal with,” he said.

Metsing said Basotho are unable to stand as one nation and this is what results in the budget failing to address the needs of the people.
He said the wool and mohair issue had left the country seriously divided.
Metsing is currently staying in South Africa because he claims his life is in danger in Lesotho.
He said the wool and mohair regulations that were passed by Parliament last year were in conflict with the wishes of the greater number of Basotho. This had triggered a lot of tension among Basotho, he said.

Metsing attended the budget presentation on Tuesday adding he only did so for the sake of his people in Mahobong.
“I had to be here for the people of Mahobong when the budget speech was read in Parliament,” he said.
Thabana-Morena Member of Parliament who is also the leader of Movement for Economic Change (MEC), Selibe Mochoboroane, said almost everything that Dr Majoro had said was not new.
“He said it last year and nothing happened,” Mochoboroane said.

Mochoboroane argued that the basis of the budget for last year was the rule of law and justice.
“But there are many people who were taken for questioning last year and till today there are no judgments handed down against those people yet they have been kept for more than a year in prison,” Mochoboroane said.
He said the very same people were talking about the rule of law, yet they do not respect all what they said.
“They forget that justice delayed is justice denied,” Mochoboroane said.
He cited that they have seen soldiers being arrested for allegedly committing crime but pointed out they were hoping to see the same happening with the police.
He said the police were involved in serious crimes adding they expect to see the police being prosecuted.
But they have never been arrested, Mochoboroane said.

“So where is the rule of law? To whom does it apply” he quipped.
Mochoboroane also blasted the government for failing to give teachers books for the new curriculum.
He said this is unacceptable.
“It is true that teachers have been given money for their salaries, but what about the books. It is not true that the government does not have money,” he said.
He said the government misuses the money in its custodianship.
Mochoboroane said the new Bill that was passed in Parliament of no-work-no-pay for teachers was a bad law.
“This Bill is only for teachers and it would not be a good law because it is only focusing on the current issue of teachers who are on strike,” he said.
“What about the police, soldiers and other civil servants?”

Mochoboroane said politicians are not feeling the pain caused by the teachers’ strike because their children are not attending schools here.
“I feel that pain because I have a child at Lesotho High school at the moment, so to see my child at home not going to school is not a piece of pie,” Mochoboroane said.

Thooe Ramolibeli

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