Phamotse apologises over fracas

Phamotse apologises over fracas

MASERU – SPORTS Minister Dr Mahali Phamotse has apologised to the nation for the embarrassment suffered because of the fracas caused by the First Lady at a Football match on Saturday.
She told thepost that the apology should be to the entire nation.
The First Lady verbally attacked Dr Phamotse, accusing the minister of talking to Prime Minister Thomas Thabane without her approval. Fans who had come to watch the match witnessed the fracas, with some even attempting to capture the drama with their mobile phones.
Phamotse said she no longer feels secure around the First Lady after the incident.

“I won’t be comfortable around her. I don’t know if she would hit me or not but I can’t really compromise my comfort,” Phamotse told thepost.
Phamotse said the attack is part of the “abuse that is caused by women… especially when their men are in power”.
“The act deprives both human beings their dignity,” Phamotse said.
“When this act happened I thought about it from the perspective of a Minister of Gender and thought deeply how it affects not only me or the people around me at that time but the nation at large,” she said.
“I wasn’t representing myself as an individual but Basotho at large hence I felt so sorry because it wasn’t only me being abused but the abuse was done generally to all sexes and top management of the country.”

“I don’t take the assault personally as I represent His Majesty as his host.”
The First Lady’s actions were far from exemplary at a time the sports ministry is trying to encourage positive behaviour and a refrain from violence by both players and fans.
“It was very embarrassing to find myself vulnerably assaulted by the top management of the country,” she said.
“I thought deep as the action took place of how I am I going to protect the nation, women and men of this country when I was so exposed to acts like these.
Phamotse said she had not anticipated such a reaction from the First Lady.
“I have heard about acts of the same nature happening to other people. I have a lot of work to do and I found it to be a challenge as protocol doesn’t allow me to deal with such kind of things,” she said.

The First Lady should apologise, said Phamotse, although the minister will also pen her own apology to the nation for the incident.
She said the incident had embarrassed Basotho at large, internationally and locally, as well as the King hence her apology.
“As the Basotho’s guardian in sports I have to apologise verbally or in writing to Basotho about what happened regardless of who is guilty,” she said.
The First Lady hung up when thepost sought comment from her.

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