Police to use candles in stations

Police to use candles in stations

MASERU – POLICE have resorted using candles in their stations because they cannot afford to buy electricity.
Police spokesman, Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli, has confirmed that their coffers have run dry.
However, Superintendent Mopeli could not tell the number of police stations that could not buy electricity.
He said they are now in the fifth month of their financial year but already struggling to make ends meet.

Parliament awarded M715.9 million for this financial year, out of which recurrent budget was M643.7 million while the capital budget was M72 million.
Superintendent Mopeli said they are failing to buy electricity units to light some of their police stations.
He cited Mabote Post as one of their financially struggling police stations.
He called on people of goodwill to come forth and donate to the institution.
Police stations work around the clock.

However, Supt Mopeli said the police management is aware of the problem and are already working on it.
He said if there is no light in the police stations, their service delivery would automatically decline.
“Even people who have cases to report at the police would be scared to go at night because of the darkness.”

The Minister of Police, ‘Mampho Mokhele, while proposing their budget on the 22nd March 2018 in parliament, said her ministry has a lot of duties and responsibilities to fulfill.
She said her ministry is one of the biggest because it deals with the safety of people, their properties, and protection of human rights.
She said police look for cases, make arrests and put those arrested before courts of law.

“The economy of this country will decline if police do not do their job properly and poverty will also increase as investors will leave the country,” the minister added.
She told the parliament that she is in charge of police who have other subsidiaries under it such as the Police Complaints Authority, Police Directorate and Inspectorate.
Police uses millions of maloti to compensate victims of torture.

Mokhele further told the parliament that with the recurrent budget she was going to make police operations a success and repair police vehicles.
More than 20 police vehicles are reported to be without tyres at the police headquarters.
Mokhele said she was given M2 million to buy police uniform but that amount was not enough as she needs at least M8 million “because I have around 4000 police officers”.
She said the police have just 154 vehicles; a number that she said is far below the required number.

Nkheli Liphoto

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