Rival ‘lover’s’ home set ablaze

Rival ‘lover’s’ home set ablaze

….Four women in custody for arson…..

MAFETENG – AN elderly man and his young wife escaped death by a whisker when their single-roomed house was set ablaze after allegations the wife was having an adulterous relationship with another man in Likhoele Ha-Lempetje.
Some neighbours are suspected to have burnt the house while the couple was sleeping between 8 and 9pm. They suspected that the wife had a romantic relationship with the husband of one of the women in the neighborhood.
Four women are in police custody in connection with the crime.

Police spokesman Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli said charges are yet to be preferred against the suspects.
However, thepost understands that the women are likely to face two counts of attempted murder and arson or malicious damage to property.
Superintendent Mopeli said the suspects will appear before the courts once judicial officers who are currently on strike return to work.
“We completely forgot about our children. We were only worried about our lives,” said 70-year-old Sello Tekete, adding that the suspects have previously assaulted his wife, ’Maserame, who is in her early 40s, over similar accusations of infidelity.

Narrating the ordeal, Tekete said the couple lost everything except the undergarments they were wearing when their house was burnt to ashes. For food and shelter, the couple is now relying on the goodwill of Good Samaritans.
The couple had retired to bed when they heard a back window-pane being broken and an object thrown inside.
Before they could realize what was going on, the object burst into flames.
And then a second object was thrown through the same window, engulfing the house into flames.

Tekete said he had no option but to jump through the flames to find his way out, with his wife following him right behind him.
“I do not know what that was but l think it was a petrol bomb,” Tekete said.
Their five children were huddled together in one roundavel adjacent to the house that was attacked before being moved to a safe place.
Still in disbelief, they couple fled to the local chief’s home a kilometre away for assistance. It was only then that they found some clothes to wear.
People coming from Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s political rally in Qhoali tried to help put out the fire but it was too late, he said.
They watched helplessly as the iron sheet roofing collapsed as the fire raged.

Tekete said the chief informed the police, who only managed to get to the scene the following day in the morning because “there was no car at that moment”.
“I had to tell the police who the suspects were. And I had no option but to tell the police that the suspects were four women in the village,” he said.
He said his house was set on fire when he was about to go to the Central Court to demand compensation from the four women after they mercilessly beat his wife.
“I suspect the four women want to eliminate us,” Tekete said.

Tekete said about nine women were involved in the beating of his wife but only five women were able to compensate him with the help of the chief.
But the four women were “rebellious”, he said, writhing in pain.
He is now back at his house after receiving temporary shelter at the chief’s home although he is afraid that his attackers might come again and “finish them off”.
“Home is always home though it will never be so homely”.

Because the family is destitute and in dire need of basics, the councilor for the area, Tumelo Chitja, has approached the Ministry of Social Development in the district for help.
“We got some groceries and bathing materials from the Ministry of Social Development and they saved us,” Tekete said.
He said other Good Samaritans in the village also donated some clothes to save him from the impending harsh winter.
A pensioner, Tekete survives on doing piece jobs in the village.
When thepost visited the area this week, Tekete was busy going through his charred property.
“I cannot believe that these people could do this to me,” he said as his voice trembled with emotion as he battled to put on a brave face.

Majara Molupe

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