Scott says he was tortured

Scott says he was tortured

MASERU – Lehlohonolo Scott, who is facing two charges of murder, says he only confessed to killing one of the two Koalabata boys in 2012 after the police brutally tortured him until he soiled himself.
Scott, who is being charged together with his mother, ’Malehlohonolo, made the remarks while testifying before High Court judge, Justice Teboho Moiloa.

He also told the judge that the police ransacked their house in Koalabata without telling him what they were looking for.
Scott did not make any comments about the discovery by the police of some pieces of human flesh which were allegedly found in their house.
He also did not speak about the testimony by Chieftainess ’Makhomo Makoanyane.
Makoanyane told the court in her evidence that when she arrived at the Scott’s home where the police were searching for the remains of two boys, the police had found some body parts inside the house.

Makoanyane said she saw human arms and legs in Scott’s green Corsa vehicle. She said the police also retrieved some bloodied clothes from one of the bedrooms. She also said the police followed a trail of blood to an outside toilet where they brought up plastic bags containing human flesh.
Scott said he witnessed the search at the toilet.

“One of the police officers came inside our house and took a garden rake and went back to the toilet to stare inside the toilet but he did not find anything,” he said.
Scott is accused of kidnapping and butchering two Koalabata boys, Moholobela Seetsa and Kamohelo Mohata, in 2012.
He is being tried separately from his mother because she is sick.
Scott told Justice Moiloa that the police opened his fridge and only found food which they threw on the ground, breaking his mother’s glass plates.
He said the police then stormed into the bedroom where they took out clothes from the wardrobe and waved his mother’s panties in the air, much to his dismay.

Scott said the black pair of trousers with white stripes that has been submitted in court as an exhibit is actually his. The police say the pair of trousers belonged to Mohata. He denied that the trousers had blood stains, arguing what the police thought was blood was actually maroon paint which splattered on the trouser when he was painting the house.

“I saw the trousers in court several times being submitted as an exhibit with a reason that the trouser was of Kamohelo, one of the deceased, while the statement said I was wearing the trouser during the ‘process’ not knowing which ‘process’ they were referring to,” he said.
Scott’s testimony focused chiefly on how he was battered and suffocated with a tube while in the police’s holding cells.
He said one of the police officers took an injection and ordered him to take off his trousers so that he could inject him but he refused.
He said when he refused, the police assaulted him with open palms.

The assault was so severe that shortly after he lost consciousness.
When he came to, he was ordered to kneel down and when he refused he was kicked several times.
He said he fell down on his face.

He said the police tied his hands and feet together and “covered my face with a red tube with water poured in the same tube”.
“I was suffocated with it and they told me to (confess) that I had killed Kamohelo,” Scott said.
“I was taken through the process three times, on the third time I defecated on myself,” he said.

“The process took about five minutes, I couldn’t breathe and thought I was truly dead,’ he said.
The Scotts are represented by Advocate Thulo Hoeane while Senior Counsel Advocate Gareth Leppan and Advocate Thapelo Mokuku are for the crown. The case could not continue yesterday because Hoeane was sick.

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