‘She is a vile woman

‘She is a vile woman

ADVOCATE ‘Mabatšoeng Hlaele (Nkoya), former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s daughter, says she is planning to submit a dossier on ’Maesaiah’s alleged corrupt activities.

Advocate Hlalele tells the court, in her affidavit, that the dossier to the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Offences (DCEO) ’Maesaiah used her power and privilege to amass wealth through corrupt means.
The dossier, she says, will show that she is a flight risk because she has been implicated in several other crimes apart from the murder and attempted murder charge she faces.

She also describes ’Maesaiah as a dangerous and vile woman who doesn’t deserve bail.
Advocate Hlaele says ’Maesaiah has driven a wedge between her and her father.

She says in late 2019 she received death threats after she rebuked ’Maesaiah and warned her that she will be prosecuted for killing Lipolelo Thabane.
So serious were the threats, she says, that at one time intelligence officers advised her to go into hiding and she spent a few days in Rothe.
“I aver that following my strained relationship with the petitioner (’Maesaiah) I was forced to engage bodyguards who keep me and my family safe,” Advocate Hlaele says.

“She wielded and continues to wield a great deal of influence on dangerous gangs who at some point threatened me with death”.
She says her stepmother was at one point so powerful that she was the de facto leader of the government that she would insult and fire cabinet ministers and principal secretaries.

Describing ’Maesaiah as a “mercurial and hysterical character”, Advocate Hlaele says her stepmother has the propensity to ruthlessly eliminate those who threatened her interests.
She says the former First Lady has the capacity to eliminate foes if released because the majority of government functionaries in powerful and strategic positions owe allegiance to her.

Advocate Hlaele says she believes ’Maesaiah is using Thabane’s illness to get bail.
In her bail application ’Maesaiah pleads with the court to release her so that she can take care of her husband who had Alzheimer’s, prostate cancer and suffer from incontinence.

Advocate Hlaele however says she finds it embarrassing that ‘Maesaiah would try to use Thabane’s medical condition to get bail.
“Any traditional Mosotho child or reasonable spouse would never use the health incapacity of another person in exchange for her liberty.”
“This not only ridicules my father but the entire nation because he is a statesman.”

Advocate Hlaele says the fact that ‘Maesaiah does not attach medical records point to her desperation to save herself from the “claws of the law”.
She says ‘Maesaiah did not worry because she can find a qualified nurse to take care of her father.

Shakeman Mugari

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