The appeal of the NUL chatbot

The appeal of the NUL chatbot

ROMA – The National University of Lesotho (NUL) ChatBot is a brilliant “human-free” platform created by NUL student, Kabelo Lekhatla, which “understands” and answers your specific questions on Facebook, among other things.

It understands your questions no matter how you ask them, as if you are being responded to by a human. For instance, if you type a question, “what are the NUL tuition fees?” or “can you provide tuition fees?” it answers, “for which of the faculties below?” and then it lists the Faculties.
With the NUL ChatBot, important information about your results, announcements and even online applications have never been so easy to access! All you need to do is to register, then you will literally do everything on Facebook, which is where you spend most of your life in the first place.

“NUL ChatBot is linked to and functions on Facebook since Facebook is one of the few platforms that allow such adventures,” Kabelo said.
Let’s see why it is very important, not only for NUL students but for all students down to high schools and as far as primary schools.
We start with the end of the year. When the results are about to come out, that is perhaps the most unsettling time for you as a student and, by extension, your parents. “SRC members and even teachers are overwhelmed with questions, “when are the results out?”” Kabelo said.

“More often than not, students are left with a feeling that nobody really knows and there is really nowhere to go.”
The local mobile networks find this fever time an opportunity to cash in. For instance, they will put an ambiguous statement for you, “check for your results with us by smsing your student number to…” only to get nothing. The result is flurry of smses “that cost you some fortune,” with no tangible returns.

And because you don’t know when the results will be out, and nobody is prepared to tell you, you keep pumping smses (and adrenaline along with them) and coming up with naught.
Well, that should be a thing of the past because, “now you can go to your Facebook, open the NUL ChatBot, register and all your problems are resolved,” says Lekhatla.
It is as simple as that.

It works this way. When you enter, you have selections to make. If you want to see your results, you make your choice and your student number and password (which you use to enter the university’s Thuto system) are promptly requested. If the results are not yet in, well, hard luck.
But here is the difference.

This time around, you don’t have to log in again. As long as you haven’t heard from the NUL ChatBot, it means the results are not yet in because when they are in, “NUL ChatBot will send you a message to your inbox and it will send you an SMS if you registered for that platform also,” Lekhatla said.
But why can’t students just log into Thuto? First, Thuto won’t alert you on social media when the results are out. Second, many students are not on Thuto. They are on Facebook. So send them the results where they are, on Facebook.

At another level, there are so many important announcements that NUL sends to students through Thuto. Thuto automatically sends those announcements to students’ emails, which is great.
But, alas, many students are neither on Thuto nor are they on emails. Rather they are on Facebook!
These savvy young people are a bit allergic to the 20th century technology (emails and stuff) in the 21st century.

With the NUL ChatBot, when the announcement is placed on Thuto, it is sent to your Facebook inbox.
What is interesting is that you have two options to request all this information, either through a chat or through a click. You can chat on Facebook, “Are the results out? Has NUL released the results? When do we get the results?”

Well, any combination of words asking the same question will lead to an answer from the ChatBot like, “Hi there! Please give us your student number and your password so you can find out.”
In Kabelo’s words, “this chatting kinda comes handy especially when you are in one platform and you don’t want to leave that platform to navigate to another to click and find the information you want — you just send a chat and the answers come to you.”

The NUL ChatBot always understands your needs to find information in one place. It gives you all the information in a one-stop-shop. “If you go to a university website, sometimes you don’t even know where to start to get the information you need,” he said.
With NUL ChatBot, you get results, you get announcements, you get all kinds of fees, you even apply to NUL there, on Facebook!
Life could never be easier!

But before you spend money on vodka celebration, wait a minute, NUL ChatBot is not operational yet. The powers that be will have to approve it, whether they be the Facebook authorities and, more importantly, the NUL authorities at all levels.

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