Two brothers gunned down

Two brothers gunned down

MAFETENG – TWO men from Taung Ha Ratolo died in an exchange of gunfire with the police last Friday in Malumeng in Thabana- Morena. Police suspect the two who are biological brothers had gone to attack Teboho Posholi, a renowned famo artiste known as Lesiba in the music industry, at his home in Malumeng.

He had just come from South Africa to bury Mokhathi Malefane, another famo artiste whose stage name is Roba Mohoke.
Roba was gunned down by unknown assailants who are still at large earlier this year in an attack that left his wife injured.
She was admitted at the hospital and discharged on the same day.

On Thursday, the brother attacked Lesiba’s home and killed him. They then disappeared in the dark.
The community was informed of the attack and the residents remained alert the whole night.
Realizing that they had missed their target the brothers launched another attack on Lesiba’s home the next day. But this time they found the police and some community members armed.

The brother opened fire when the police ordered them to surrender.
The police returned fire, instantly killing one of the brothers while the other was confirmed dead upon arrival at a hospital.
Selibe Mochoboroane, MP for Thabana-Morena, said the community had to unite to fight dangerous criminals.
He said they have to go back to their old days when strangers were stopped and asked of their identities.

He said if the strangers do not give convincing answers the community will alert the police.
The two brothers were supposed to bury their father on Saturday.
Police spokesperson Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli said the police managed to win the battle because they were armed with rifles while the brothers had pistols.

“The fight took longer than anticipated. The deceased were seriously opening fire at the police,” Supt Mopeli said.
Meanwhile, the police and the army beat scores of mourners at a funeral service of a famo artiste in Thabana-Morena last Saturday.
There was drama at the funeral of Mokhathi Malefane, also known as Roba Mohoke, as the army and the police tried to control some rowdy mourners.

And those who tried to resist were beaten, made to roll in the mud and do push-ups.
The army and the police had been deployed in anticipation of possible gang violence at the funeral.
Malefane was a member of Seakhi, one of the biggest and most dangerous famo gangs.
Previously, funerals of gang members have ended in fatal gunfights.

The police and the army seemed determined to avoid that during Malefane’s burial.
Most of those who suffered at the heavy hand of the police and the army were members of the Seakhi group who insisted on performing their funeral rituals such as singing makhele (traditional burial songs).

All cars were stopped and thoroughly searched for dangerous weapons.
The police confiscated the Matlama blankets, hats associated with Seakhi and the mabetlela.
All objects associated with Seakhi were confiscated in the joint operation.
The mourners were made to roll many a times on the ground while at the same time beaten all over the body with mabetlela.

Majara Molupe

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