Ugandan experts to work on new salary structure’

Ugandan experts to work on new salary structure’

MASERU – THE government has hired experts from Uganda to help work on a new salary and career restructure for teachers.
This was revealed by the Principal Secretary for Basic Education, Tieho ’Mamasiane, at a press conference in Maseru yesterday.
’Mamasiane also introduced AH Consultancy at the press briefing.

The project is called Public Sector Modernisation Project and is supported by the World Bank.
’Mamasiane said the government resolved to reform its ministries to enhance service delivery.
And they are doing this job in collaboration with the Public Service Ministry because “we had a challenge when (trying to reform the) salary and career structure”.
He said they met teachers’ unions on December 18 last year and all the associations seemed to agree on what needed to be done.

’Mamasiane said they are going to work together with the Public Service Commission to synchronize their work.
He said this was being done with the best interests of Basotho at heart.
He said they also invited Lesotho Association of Teachers (LAT), Lesotho School Principal Association (LESPA) and the Lesotho Teachers Trade Union (LTTU) to the same meeting.
“They came but never attended our meeting and we do not even know why,” he said.

’Mamasiane said the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service said the component has three sub-components comprising biometric and payroll census, establishment controls and human resource capacity building.

He said they have already carried out a biometric census which will be followed by the establishment and then performance assessment.
He also said after everything is done this will improve service delivery. The experts, who arrived in December, are already doing their groundwork before the project kicks off.
’Mamasiane said they sent invitations to all teachers’ associations and unions but he was surprised to see that the majority did not show up.

He said the only associations that attended the meeting were the Lesotho Union of Teachers (LUT) and the Progressive Association of Lesotho Teachers (PALT).
LAT spokesman, Letsatsi Ntsibolane, said the ministry is trying to play tricks on them by delaying to give them invitations and “the reason being they want to appear clean in the eyes of Basotho”.
Ntsibolane said the ministry does not have any interest in resolving their grievances.

Nkheli Liphoto

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