Lesotho Post Bank to sponsor A-Division

Lesotho Post Bank to sponsor A-Division

MASERU – The Lesotho Football Association (LEFA) and Lesotho Post Bank on Tuesday unveiled a three-year partnership that will see the government-owned bank sponsor the A-Division starting from this season.
The package totals M1 200 000 and for the next three years M400 000 will be pumped annually into the league feeding Lesotho’s top-flight.

It is the biggest sponsorship the A-Division has seen and, as part of the deal, the First Division has been renamed the Lesotho Post Bank League for the duration of the sponsorship.
There is also increased treasure for the clubs.

For the next three years the respective winners of the A-Division’s two streams – north and south – will dance away from the season M50 000 richer.

Lesotho Post Bank managing director Molefi Leqhaoe said the bank wants to boost the development of local football.
“Lesotho Post Bank wants to be involved,” he said. “We know the main challenge in the country is unemployment and we all know if you look around the world the highest paid people are footballers, the most famous people in the world are footballers.”

“There is no one who doesn’t know Lionel Messi and his team, there is no one who doesn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo and his team. Everywhere they go they use their own jets because of football which is something we have to improve as a country,” Leqhaoe added.

The A-Division has been without a formal sponsor since Vodacom Lesotho scaled back its sponsorship of Lesotho football in 2014 before pulling out altogether in 2017.
In the interim LEFA has to fork out money to keep the first division afloat and Lesotho Post Bank’s sponsorship is a welcome lifeline for the A-Division.

Leqhaoe said transparency is crucial in business and he said the bank is satisfied LEFA will provide such transparency during the partnership.
He said Lesotho Post Bank will also help clubs with financial literacy as well as “financial inclusion and access to credit.”

“This marriage is going to involve public funds and when you get involved with public funds the most important thing is transparency and right administration, I trust under LEFA’s leadership this will happen,” Sebatli said.
“Our sponsorship says M400 000 every season for three years but if you can make sure this partnership works I will change it, (the sponsorship amount) will go up,” he added.

LEFA president Advocate Salemane Phafane said the association is happy to be partnering with a company that has a good record.
He urged teams and supporters to take care of Lesotho Post Bank’s brand.
“It is encouraging to see companies being managed by Basotho and we are proud to be associated with Lesotho Post Bank,” Phafane said.
“I call on all teams and supporters, you have struggled but if you don’t plough back it will go back. This is not a donation, look after Lesotho Post Bank’s brand and let us not bring it into disrepute,” he added.

Present at Tuesday’s launch at Bambatha Tšita Sports Arena was the Minister of Sports, Dr Mahali Phamotse, who congratulated LEFA on securing a sponsor for the A-Division.

A-Division prize money (for each stream):
1. M50 000
2. M25 000
3. M20 000
4. M17 000
5. M15 000
6. M14 000
7. M13 000
8. M12 000
9. M11 000
10. M10 000

Tlalane Phahla


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