Mothoana praised

Mothoana praised

MASERU  – Common Goal co-founder Jurgen Griesbeck has lauded Kick4Life and Lesotho international Bokang Mothoana for joining the campaign by donating one percent of his salary. Common Goal is a movement started by StreetFootballWorld and was launched in August with Manchester United and Spanish international Juan Mata.

Since its launch, the movement has attracted interest from players across the world and some have joined and pledged one percent of their earnings.
Griesbeck says the initiative was launched after realising that the development of professional football was being isolated from Football For Good.
StreetFootballWorld has been in existence for over 15 years and Griesbeck says they felt they were mature enough to start a dialogue with the football industry to see how they can breach the economic development of football with football being used as a tool for social change.

However, he continued that it had been difficult to talk to football players, and in August when they launched the campaign they only had commitment from one player and decided to go live with Mata alone.

He says after the announcement things started to change, the movement has grown to 35 players with more player signing up every day.
He also explained the process of how the funds will be distributed to the soccer academies throughout the world.

“The footballers have pledged a minimum of one percent, they sign a pledge agreement which is not a contract but an agreement based on trust, we have a conversation with each player, we listen to them to their preference what their interest lies in terms of geography, and social topics and they will tell us the continent, is it health, is it education, is it gender equality and based on that then we present to them the recommendations,” he said.
“We obviously look at all the starting points as the StreetFootball network where we do have a pool of 125 as of today organisations that through football work on social transformation in their communities, where we have a shared mission, shared understanding of what quality looks like when it comes to implementation and obviously Kick4Life is long standing member of StreetFootball,” he said.

He said for players that earn minimum salaries to join in the movement underlines and reflects their approach as the football world. He said a minimum contribution can make a huge difference.

“Very strong signal they are sending, it’s not Lefty only who comes from a country like Lesotho but we have female players, not all football players are earning big salaries, I think it reflects the approach of Common Goal very well, here we are talking collective and one percent we believe one percent is a good amount,” he said.
“One percent for someone who earns a lower salary is still a one percent and still contributes like a player who earns a high salary is still a one percent translating to more money coming to the funding but it is still one percent, it is a small contribution that can drive big change if we look at it from collective perspective,” he said.

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