The unstoppable youngsters

ROMA – THE National University of Lesotho (NUL) is breeding a generation of young writers. But the book authored by the NUL-trained Takatso Kumi, a physicist, a mathematician, a teacher,


The hunt for SADC babies

Muckraker is thrilled the SADC standby army will soon hit our shores. But her excitement has nothing to do with the prospects of those foreign soldiers spanking our mischievous soldiers


The sign of the times

With the blanket slung on his shoulder and dragging behind him on the barrier line of the black, hard, and cold tarmac where he walks, the young dark skinned boy


This is not good for Lesotho’s image

THE closure of private radio station, MoAfrika FM, and the subsequent violent arrest and charging of its owner, Ratabane Ramainoane, last week are a matter of grave concern to us.


The case of military intervention in Lesotho

The current contradictory media statements by the Prime Minister (PM) of Lesotho, Dr Thomas Thabane, Foreign Affairs Minister Makgothi, Principal Secretary of Defense Colonel Mothae and Southern African Development Community


Russian victory in Syria

Two years ago this month, the Russian air force was sent in to save the tottering Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad from collapse. The air was thick with Western predictions


Simplify business registration process

THE call for increased entrepreneurship has been an ongoing effort by governments particularly in developing countries in recent times. The global economy is not growing and the short as well

Local News

Tragedy as woman dies in well

MOKEMA – ’Mamosunyetsane Shale, 63, left her home in Ha-Molapo in Mokema for a routine trip to the village well to fetch water last Thursday. Moments later, she was dead.


A mother’s cry for help

MOHALE’S HOEK – HOW does a mother deal with the trauma of not knowing whether her son is alive or dead? That is the agony two families in Mohale’s Hoek


SADC army to arrive in two weeks

MASERU – A regional standby army is expected to arrive in the country within the next two weeks after the SADSC Double Troika last Friday approved Lesotho’s urgent request for