Your Papa is running

AS Muckraker writes this someone in Lesotho is crying crimson tears.Not about personal troubles or loss but the plight of some dubious fellow who calls himself Prophet Bushiri. The Papa


Scandal in parliament

THANKS to the Lesotho TV, we now know that apart from dozing in parliament some MPs are in the business of fondling. In the footage you could see a paw


The failure of the State

There is a literary aspect and perspective to every field of study in the world, thus the reason why every research paper has a specific chapter, “Review of Relevant Literature”


When MPs decide to be petty

Our moral values are principles that guide us in life. They make up who we are. Sadly, our moral values as Basotho are on the decline as we saw in


The unholy trinity

Food addiction is not an accident. If you have ever found yourself saying “I could not just help myself”, when you ate too much of the wrong food, you just


We’ve a constipated economy

I need not elaborate on the pain of having constipation but one thing is for sure – it’s never a good feeling. I live with a Doctor and listen to


Justice Mahase’s toxic legacy

EMBATTLED Acting Chief Justice ‘Maseforo Mahase is finally out after two tumultuous years marked by acrimony.The government has now appointed 60-year-old Justice Sakoane Sakoane as the substantive Chief Justice. Justice


Lateral thinking – Part 1

This week I begin with some serious stuff (as serious as it gets, because I’m talking about thinking) and then I’m setting a brain-teaser, by way of a little fun.


LCA tightens screws

MASERU-THE Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA) is tightening screws on the telecommunications sector, amid revelations that it wants to scrutinise and approve all senior appointments at mobile network companies. LCA boss


Misery for soldiers in SA

MASERU-THE two Basotho soldiers who have been detained in South Africa since July could be in for more misery.thepost can reveal that attempts by the government of Lesotho and South