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Should we laugh? – Part 2

Last week I promised a joke that puts the boot into patriarchy. Here it is. It’s called “How Men Think.”As she sat by him, he whispered, eyes full of tears,“You

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The woman who dared to dream

I and perhaps more than a few members of the public had been looking forward to the outcome of the BNP electoral race for party leader with both excitement and

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A threat to basic individual freedoms

THE new Communications (Subscriber Identity Module and Device Registration) Regulations 2021 which were gazetted recently could represent the biggest threat to our individual freedoms.The regulations will give the government of

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Reinstate Tree Planting Day

Before we go into this week’s topic on trees, I have a short but interesting story to share with you.When I was a young boy growing up in a village

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A mockery to the constitution

Conventional wisdom tells us that good political societies are built on the principles of constitutionalism. This entails upholding the rule of law, regular elections and the principle of separation of

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Rereading Prester John

There is a small novel of 1910 called Prester John. It is by John Buchan, private secretary to the British High Commissioner to South Africa. It has drawn interest amongst

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Thabo’s long fingers

That Likuena is a mediocre team is a notorious fact. We can live with that because we have never invested in nurturing football talent.Our premier league matches are played in

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Shebeen diplomats

It was only a matter of time before Mr Softie’s sikorokoro government hit another pothole. It has no intention of giving this country a breather.While we are still smarting from

We’ll walk out, says ABC

MASERU – SHARP differences between the two leading parties over a SADC-backed National Peace and Unity Commission are threatening to collapse the coalition government.At a National Executive Committee meeting on

Bullets fly at bloody BNP conference

MASERU – MACHESETSA Mofomobe says he had to hide under the table as bullets whizzed past him during an attack by a gunman at the Basotho National Party (BNP) elective