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Unpoliced mouths

Muckraker has never had much respect for Leposa.Apart from being blabbermouths, they are scatter-brained.They have a way of mixing up issues to create a goulash unpalatable even to their most

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Here they come!

Muckraker sincerely apologises to the army for her jibe last week.It was never her intention to accuse the army of being an indolent lot.They are hardworking servicemen who keep our

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Reading into the Caine Prize

Published by ama’Books of Zimbabwe and several other publishers across the world, The Gonjon Pin and Other Stories is a collection of short stories by African writers shortlisted for the

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A tribute to Tšepo Tshola

Even though I had made an undertaking to take a short break from writing, I felt the need to put words onto paper after hearing the sad news of the

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A hasty divorce

THE decision by the government of Lesotho to terminate a contract to run and manage the Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital has left scores of workers stranded.Work at the hospital, the

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Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya (and mine)­ — Part 4

I mentioned earlier that under the Gaddafi regime private commerce had been almost entirely banned. There were large government-run stores (along the Soviet model), selling very little apart from Turkish

ABC, DC fight over elections

MASERU – TENSIONS are simmering between the All Basotho Convention (ABC) and the Democratic Congress (DC) over the redrawing of electoral boundaries ahead of next year’s election.The DC is accusing

M25m blown on faulty toothpick machines

MASERU – THE Ministry of Small Businesses blew a staggering M25 million on toothpick making machines that do not work.Development Planning Minister Selibe Mochoboroane discovered this when he inspected the

Tšepong turns away patients

MASERU – Netcare is refusing to admit patients at Queen ’Mamohato Memorial Hospital.The crisis started on Monday after last week’s indaba between Netcare and the Ministry of Health failed to

Tsepo Tshola: a life well lived

MASERU-SONGS are like windows into the souls of musicians. But as you peep into those windows you see your soul as well. Perhaps that’s because the song is meant for